Diffe.rent: Delivering Ai-Driven Rental Success for Multifamily Industry

Didi Bahir, Co-Founder & CEO, Diffe.rentDidi Bahir, Co-Founder & CEO
The rental market is changing fast and renter needs have become more nuanced. A record number of new rental units are set to hit the market over the next year, which means there's an increased need for properties to prioritize efficiency and scalability as renters are presented with more housing options. Centralizing the leasing operation is the key to thriving in a fiercely competitive market. How can property managers do this while ensuring their communities are the top choice for renters?

The answer is Diffe.rent—an industry-leading AI technology provider. Diffe.rent has built a powerful omni-channel AI assistant named Lea, designed to nurture leads and increase conversion rates, save time, and reduce costs for property owners and leasing agents. Lea takes on administrative tasks for leasing teams, better qualifying potential renters before they engage with a leasing agent.
Lea accomplishes by providing 24/7 customer service for renters across all channels and marketing sources, resulting in an increase in scheduled tours, signed leases, and overall profit.

Omni-channel communication is defined by Diffe.rent as using and transitioning seamlessly between all communications channels (email, voice, SMS, and chat) used by renters. Diffe.rent uses these channels combined with meaningful data and insights, as well as conversion optimization to increase engagement and conversion. A key differentiator from other solutions is that Lea uses NLP, Natural Language Processing, along with AI in every communication channel. The result is conversations with renters are transitioned between channels seamlessly and consistently, ensuring each renter is delivered an unforgettable customer experience, while also improving the bottom line for property managers.

A key differentiator from other solutions is that Lea uses NLP, Natural Language Processing, along with AI in every communication channel

“Recently, Diffe.rent helped a large property management company listed in NMHC’s Top 50 improve its processes,” said Didi Bahir, cofounder and CEO of Different. “During the engagement, the properties with Lea experienced a 68 percent uplift in conversion while saving the leasing team an estimated four hours-peragent per day to give them time for key tasks like property tours and lease signings.”

Diffe.rent was acquired by Apartment List, an online rental marketplace and technology company, in late 2021. In addition to Lea, Apartment List also uses Diffe.rent’s AI technology internally to nurture and better qualify the renters it delivers to its customers. Because of this symbiotic relationship Diffe.rent is able to combine Lea and Apartment List’s renter interactions to create a data set that includes millions of renter interactions to train and improve its AI technology, providing a significant advantage over its competitors. This illustrates the AI engine’s profound impact as a premier rental management solution that is capable of keeping up with changing industry requirements while outperforming the competition.

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Didi Bahir, Co-Founder & CEO

Apartment List is a technology-driven rental marketplace with nearly 6 million units on the platform, reaching millions of renters on their path to finding their next home each month. Apartment List was founded with the mission to deliver every renter a home they love and the value they deserve. Apartment List offers a unique success based business model with aligned incentives - connecting renters who want a curated concierge experience with properties that want flexible marketing solutions


"A key differentiator from other solutions is that Lea uses NLP, Natural Language Processing, along with AI in every communication channel"

- Didi Bahir, Co-Founder & CEO