4 Must-Have Features of a Visitor Management Solution

4 Must-Have Features of a Visitor Management Solution

Visitor management solution simplifies reception tasks, ensures the smooth handling of visitors upon arrival, and thereby improves overall customer service.   

FREMONT, CA: A busy reception can be a challenging environment for today's offices, and keeping track of visitors is no longer an easy task for them. This scenario is common in offices worldwide, and it highlights the need for the visitor management system. To tackle visitor management issues, businesses today have started looking towards visitor management software as a means to remain efficient and compliant by projecting a positive corporate image. Here are the best features to consider when capitalizing on a visitor management solution.

Instant Host Notifications

Whenever a visitor checks in via visitor management software, the host is notified of the visitor's presence in the office instantly. This is done through an automated notification system that sends out emails or text messages to their hosts as soon as the visitor fills up the required information in the software. This particular feature works not only for employees but also for visitors. Hosts, after receiving the notification, can also send messages back to their visitors to make the experience more engaging and personalized.

Customized Check-in Process

An office probably has different types of visitors, and not all of them need to go through the same check-in process. In this case, a manual visitor management system checking in various visitor types is not possible. But, with a visitor management solution, all that the office needs to do is categorize visitors and add each to the visitor management software. Apart from this, the visitor management solution also provides a customized experience for every visitor type.

Digital Document Signature

With a rise in the number of visitors, digital document signature has become extremely important. Businesses can secure data by asking job applicants, partners, and colleagues to sign legal agreements through the visitor management solution deployed at the office front desk. The major advantage of having this feature is that the office does not need to have massive documents lying around the reception desk. Being able to streamline the paperwork and get all the process done quickly saves a lot of time and hassle.

Detailed Reports and Visitor Insights

Unlike a visitors' book, capturing visitors' data with the help of a visitor management solution takes place without human intervention. This means that businesses can get unaltered, clean, and insightful visitor data that could be useful in providing solutions to visitor management needs. With actionable visitor insights at businesses' side, they can see patterns of the time spent on visitor engagements and optimize it.

Selecting the best visitor management solution for the business is a huge responsibility, and the above considerations can make it easier.

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