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Anthony Nathanael, CEO, QobrixAnthony Nathanael, CEO
A former IT Veteran, Anthony Nathanael’s transition to the real estate industry spurred the birth of Qobrix. In his initial years working for one of the largest property developers in the Mediterranean, he observed a significant disparity between what property developers and agencies were seeking and how legacy real estate software failed to meet their demands. To this end, Nathanael founded Qobrix to offer real estate professionals cutting-edge and affordable software that effectively addresses all of their business expectations.
  • The way we’ve set up the ecosystem of portals and CRM together saves a lot of time for real estate agencies and property developers while also providing new channels to market

The expanding number of CRMs that lack the necessary business functions has made it of paramount importance that real estate professionals choose a CRM that aligns with their goals, budget, and potential for future growth. To deliver that, Qobrix’s multi-tiered and cost-effective real estate CRM system handles specific challenges that real estate professionals confront routinely while also catering to the essential requirements of the real estate industry at large.

The software company’s CRM manages users’ entire sales pipeline and automates numerous manual-intensive processes and procedures, allowing them to focus on sales-driven activities effectively. It consolidates all pertinent business information and readily integrates into multiple listing services (MLSs) and real estate websites or portals, enabling businesses to synchronize information between systems and gain a complete real-time overview of all their data.

Qobrix’s CRM is ideal for real estate agents and property developers as it easily captures and manages leads and offers auxiliary tools that boost lead conversion. Asset managers can benefit from its intelligent features by integrating it with real estate portals to boost the visibility of their assets and manage all documents pertinent to a contract in a single location. The CRM provides various advanced tools that automate and streamline operations and administrative processes to efficiently organize its users’ tasks and activities. These tools also offer intelligent business insights that enable users to orchestrate marketing campaigns and promote listings.

“The way we’ve set up the ecosystem of portals and CRM together saves a lot of time for real estate agencies and property developers while providing new channels to market,” says Anthony Nathanael, Chief Executive Officer of Qobrix.

Qobrix has developed highly secure agent and client portals that directly communicate with the CRM system and grant users immediate and easy access to critical information. Through the agent portal, real estate agents can have their personal space to access marketing collateral and property information like presentations, photographs, brochures, and other branded or unbranded promotional material. On the other hand, the Client Portal provided by Qobrix simplifies communication between property developers or agents and their clients by granting them swift and easy access to vital property information, such as their floor plans, progress photos, contracts, and payments due. As a comprehensive real estate SaaS platform, Qobrix offers its clients the ability to create hundreds of branded websites and landing pages in minutes for promoting their properties and projects. Its clients can set up HTTPS-secure websites without prior web design or technical experience with the help of its website builder solution, which assists in designing websites with robust features and functionality.

In response to the competitive pressure in the real estate landscape to upgrade with innovative technological solutions, Qobrix’s expertise and vision have helped it garner notable clients worldwide. With a state-of-the-art CRM at the core of its operations, Qobrix’s services have accorded its clients to experience positive results in terms of being much more organized, saving time, and boosting their revenue.


Nicosia, Cyprus

Anthony Nathanael, CEO

Qobrix provides a leading Real Estate CRM System, innovative portals, and an enhanced web presence for agents, property developers, and asset managers