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Featured Vendor (May-June) - 2022

The prospective game changers for the real estate industry are technologies like IoT, drones, big data, blockchain, cutting edge construction technology, and more. The industry is also capitalizing on VR and AR applications to drive NOI, enhanced user experience and improving their bottom-line. Besides, companies are also leveraging applications that provide real-time information and insights into the operation, eliminating the need to keep track of tasks through paper or telephone communications. As the emphasis on tenant experience and occupant comfort continue to drive increased rents and remains a competitive differentiator, smart building apps that enhance the overall occupant experience and provide new better capabilities are also gaining traction.

At the core, the industry’s propensity to increased adoption of technology stems from the need to identify new opportunities with data as the key. The large volumes of data that originate today require a rapid analysis for decision making. Data is also being leveraged for cost reduction in manufacturing, supplier search, and other business opportunities.

In addition to the use of advanced technologies such as AR and VR, a number of startups are experimenting with blockchain, chatbots, and drones to redefine the PropTech industry. Big players from the real estate market are not shying away from new technologies anymore, they are trying to understand and implement them in their existing businesses collaborating with startups.

On that note, we present to you a special edition on PropTech solution providers. We are featuring some of the most promising players in the PropTech solutions industry who provide exceptional technology solutions related to the real estate market. We hope this edition will help you optimize your technology investments and deploy new capabilities.

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    Featured Vendor (May-June)

  • Provider of complete, integrated, and advanced enterprise software solutions for construction and capital project firms

  • Helps all stakeholders to plan, manage and maintain data with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle

  • Prescient is a technology company that is bringing lean manufacturing systems and design software to the building industry

  • Helps project managers to improve project efficiency with viable project management tools

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