Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, August 06,2020

Feature of the Week

There is a lot of potential in what AVMs have to offer today's modernizing real estate industry  Read more
The emerging PropTech-wave is gradually taking over the real estate industry. The real estate professionals need to be aware of the emerging trends in the prop-tech sector to stay ahead of the curve  Read more
With a home automation system, homeowners can easily watch what is happening and monitor the movements of people at home.  Read more


By Jeremy Plummer, Global CIO, CBRE Global Investors  
Real estate is one of the most exciting places to see the tech revolution at work.  Read more
By Aftab Taylor, Chief Information Officer, EMEA, JLL  
Over the past decade, technology platforms have transformed all aspects of our life from careers.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Jun Lozada, Founder & CEO,   
Galileo Software Services offers a community management toolbox that equips property managers with measures to provide enchanting post-sales services to the residents. The company offers a flexible and cost-effective digital management platform,...  Read more
By Cameron Steele, CEO,   
Leaseable is the Cloud CRE data and asset management platform, designed specifically for commercial building owners, that brings criticaldata to life. By extracting BI-ready data directly from its sources and making it available in easily...  Read more
By Lucas Haldeman, Founder & CEO,   
A team of property management experts that builds home automation solutions for property owners, installers, and residents  Read more

CXO Insights

By Andy Higginbotham, Chief Operating Officer, Single-Family, Freddie Mac  
In the face of rising interest rates, declining volume and high production costs, controlling costs will enable lenders to save money, at the same time as they expand their capabilities to serve a wider customer base.  Read more
By Kevin Shtofman, Global Technology Strategy, Real Estate, Deloitte  
Although still in the early stages of development and testing, Blockchain technology progress is gaining steam, and real estate professionals will be rewarded for getting on board sooner rather than later.  Read more