Weekly Brief


Weekly Brief

Thursday, May 12,2022

Feature of the Week

When appropriately utilized, smart home gadgets linked through IoT may quickly transform any home into a fortress  Read more
There are concerns about the future of site management when a significant section of the workforce is working from home.  Read more
It is no secret that the real estate industry underwent significant changes over the years.  Read more


By Jeremy Plummer, Global CIO, CBRE Global Investors  
Real estate is one of the most exciting places to see the tech revolution at work.  Read more
By Stephen Skinner, CIO, First Team Real Estate  
For the consumer-centric startup, there are significant challenges posed to any disruptor of a large and well established industry section that is threatened by technological change.  Read more

Featured Vendors

By Rolf Jerving, CEO,   
Helps all stakeholders to plan, manage and maintain data with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle  Read more
By Tooey Courtemanche, CEO,   
Helps project managers to improve project efficiency with viable project management tools  Read more

CXO Insights

By Katie Campbell, Vice President of Technology, Landmark Properties  
One group of college students in Midtown Atlanta is already living with the future of visitors’ management systems.  Read more
By Philip Irby, Chief Technology Officer, American Homes 4 Rent  
The single-family rental space is a relatively young industry. As an institutional asset class, it originated in 2012, in the aftermath of The Great Recession.  Read more