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Real Estate is the largest asset class in the world, contributing about $3.5 trillion to the US GDP. On the residential side alone, about $1.3 trillion worth of existing homes are sold each year generating approximately $66 billion in just the commissions for real estate brokers. Unfortunately, compared to other industries, the use of technology is minimal in this segment, with the problems being galore. To name a few, consumers pay substantial transaction fees and wait for months to close real estate transactions; brokers' workplace is rudimentary in technology applications, real estate management technology is ages older than the contemporary technologies used in other industries alongside the operations and construction enabled by this tech lagging in innovation.

PropTech Outlook is a business and technology print/digital magazine providing a curated platform for early adopters and business insiders from property management, brokers, and building sector to explore proptech trends and get an understanding of the ways their peers leverage new technology.

PropTech Outlook magazine sits at the intersection between the leading real estate organizations and the proptech technology experts, allowing them to share their ideas as well as experiences in the landscape via our platform. We identify the most innovative as well as the most promising companies in the industry and showcase their expertise in the editions that we publish.

The opportunity for tech-enabled companies to compete in proptech is driven not only by the sheer size of the market but also by the limited amount of innovation to-date. In every sector of real estate, from property management, broker management, investment management to construction, labor productivity has lagged overall compared to labor productivity in other industries. Through our print and digital magazine, weekly newsletters, and our website, PropTech Outlook aims to enable experience and knowledge transfer in the real estate industry to help modernize it.

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