AIC Capital: Specialists in Direct Investment in Commercial Real Estate and Venture Capital

Sandra Di Moise, Managing Partner, AIC CapitalSandra Di Moise, Managing Partner
The most successful businesses are born from just one seed. For Ricardo Outi, founder and managing partner of AIC Capital, that seed of opportunity was a lack of robust solution in the investment industry to help ultra-high-net-worth investors to manage their real estate and other alternative asset investments. Typically, most high-net-worth individuals rely on multiple financial institutions or family offices to diversify their investment portfolios. Even though both entities have sufficient knowledge and resources, they fall behind in delivering holistic services related to asset management, acquisition, financial projection and more. While the ultra-high-net-worth investors look for a reliable partner who can provide intelligence and access to quality alternative investments, AIC Capital emerges as a helping hand.

Established in 2016-2017, AIC Capital is on a mission to meet the needs of the global investors and clients seeking to allocate capital in direct alternative investment opportunities. Since its inception, the company has been committed to optimizing investor's portfolios with its research-based, datadriven alternative investment platform, a one-stop-shop solution for all investment needs from finding the asset to managing the property. AIC Capital primarily serves high net worth individuals, institutional investors, and family offices. "Our goal is to help investors provide intellectual capital and access to direct alternative investment opportunities, which was traditionally available only to large institutional investors," says Sandra Di Moise, managing partner of AIC Capital.

Backed by a Team of Specialists, Led by Two Managing Partners

What makes AIC Capital a go-to partner is its team of experts; the highly-skilled executives of the company is dedicated to simplifying the management of assets, wealth, and real estate investment for its clients. Ricardo has over 20 years of wealth management, real estate, venture capital, and private equity investment experience. He achieved a successful global career at Citigroup in Brazil, the United States, Japan, and Singapore.
Ricardo Outi, Founder and Managing Partner
This includes the head of strategy and business development at Citi Offshore Wealth Management in Miami, Head of marketing and sales strategy in Tokyo, a senior position at Citi Ventures in Singapore.

On the other hand, Sandra is a multicultural leader with a strong background in fintech, wealth management, consumer finance, venture capital, marketing, and payments. Having worked in two Global Financial Corporations - Citi and Barclays, at C-level positions in Latin America, USA, and Europe for over 25 years, Sandra is well-equipped to lead the company to success and continued growth. Her entrepreneurial, innovation, and relationship-building skills are key for the company’s growth. She has also been involved in numerous non-profit organizations as a board member focused on digital transformation, financial inclusion, financial education, and the ESG agenda.

Unlocking the Potential of Data Analytics in Real Estate

There is enormous pressure on the real estate industry to tap the potential of big data and incorporate evidence-based approaches in their workflows. "So we decided to buy and download a lot of information and created our proprietary database with data and research in order to select the best factors to investing in the best locations," explains Ricardo. Integrated with big data and analytics, AIC Capital allows investors to make more informed decisions while allocating capital. With the help of a statistical model tied to qualitative and quantitative variables, the platform allows investors to choose a resilient sector and city that would sustain stronger in the economic downturn. In addition, Sandra mentions, "With the access to information regarding the location, expenses, and returns from our intelligent platform, we are able to make an informed decisions for the clients. Looking at the address of a property, we can tell exactly what's happening in that neighborhood." With the help of such intelligence, AIC Capital is able to underwrite around 4000 potential deals in a year. Out of those, they select about one to three percent only. So it's a disciplined and scientific process.

Charting a Path towards Success

Having stamped their position in the real estate and asset investment sector, AIC Capital is all set for expansion, geographically as well as product-wise. As the industry is becoming competitive with excess liquidity and asset price inflation, the company is focusing on third-tier cities. This is because most people are migrating to tier 3 cities considering the low cost of living and remote working options. Apart from this, AIC Capital is expanding its product offering upon the request of its clients. So they are going beyond the real estate industry into venture capital. "We are planning to enhance our database to operate other variables such as climate change; for instance, FEMA floating zone information is being incorporated into our database, which indentifies zones that are risky during any disaster in different parts of the country," states Ricardo in conclusion while talking about the product expansion.

AIC Capital

Miami, FL

Sandra Di Moise, Managing Partner and Ricardo Outi, Founder and Managing Partner

AIC Capital offers a research-based, data-driven alternative investment platform to high net worth individuals, institutional investors, and family offices

AIC Capital

"Our goal is to help investors provide intellectual capital and access to direct alternative investment opportunities, which was traditionally available only to large institutional investors"

- Sandra Di Moise, Managing Partner