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Nathaniel Kunes, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Investment Management, Appfolio, Inc.Nathaniel Kunes, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Investment Management
Real estate investments are known for their higher-than-average returns and natural appreciation of asset value. For the same reasons, real estate investments are regarded as one of the safest investments in the market. Unlike currencies, real estate does not lose its value to inflation year after year—it only escalates. While technology continues to disrupt almost every business sector with constant advancements, the real estate space has been one of the slowest adopters of technology. However, all that has changed since the rise of PropTech. In a digitally-driven tech-savvy world, there are plenty of options to make investments in real estate. Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), virtual reality (VR), the internet of things (IoT), and augmented reality (AR) have all propelled the real estate investment industry forward and provided customers with a completely digital experience.

Providing customers with smart investment solutions is in the DNA of Santa Barbara-based AppFolio, Inc. (NASDAQ: APPF). The company offers innovative software, services, and data analytics to the real estate industry. Its industry-specific, cloud-based business management solutions are designed to enable customers to digitally transform their businesses, address critical business operations and provide exceptional customer service. "At AppFolio, we partner with our customers from the beginning, developing new features and researching new areas of innovation to help them overcome persistent challenges. This strategy creates a continuous feedback loop, in which we are always evolving and adapting our customer experience to better meet their needs," says Nathaniel Kunes, Senior Vice President, Investment Management at AppFolio, Inc.

One Platform for All Real Estate Investment Management

AppFolio serves as a complete real estate investment management solution with a range of tools under its belt. The company's modern cloud-based technology helps investors communicate more effectively, manage investments with ease, and focus on growing their portfolios.
AppFolio's Investment Management solutions promote new offerings, track the interest of prospective investors, and manage distribution waterfalls, performance metric calculations, and investor reporting. The solution comes with a range of features such as tracking the level of interest of prospective investors in real-time, managing investor commitments, sending notifications when signed documents and capital contributions are received from investors, and sharing wire instructions and recording contributions digitally.

AppFolio's software lets investors consolidate all their investor data into a single, shareable document with branded, personalized statements. It allows customers to create and distribute real estate investment report packets and quickly share the performance of the investment to all investors or select individuals. AppFolio also helps share and sign electronic documents securely. From Subscription Agreements to Operating Agreements and Private Placement Memorandums, customers can exchange, sign, and track any fundraising documents without having to rely on any third-party tools. Investor accreditation forms can also be distributed and signed electronically.

The software creates a single source of truth for tracking, managing, and communicating potential real estate deals with internal teams. Once ready, these potential deals can be converted into an offering with just a few clicks.

Customer-Focused Products at the Core

AppFolio's products reflect its ongoing commitment to innovation and delivering technology solutions and services to solve the top challenges faced by its customers. Every aspect of the company's software and user experience is designed with the customer in mind and is targeted toward helping their businesses thrive in the modern economy and compete in the future. AppFolio's intuitively designed waterfall distributions tool helps calculate distributions quickly, reduces the risk of error, and makes auditing easy - all while having payments processed electronically. The software can set up and manage complex fund structures and allows investors to truly represent the relationships between entities involved in the fund's structure.

The AppFolio Investor Portal gives real estate investors easy, 24/7 access to their dashboard, which summarizes their investment positions and asset information, along with their invested and distributed capital. Investors can visit the AppFolio Investor Portal to easily find reports, tax forms, and other shared documents and securely sign agreements.
It also provides investors with detailed real estate investment information, including total distributions while enabling them to check project updates anywhere, such as property descriptions, photos, locations, valuations, and loan balances. They also have access to historical distributions, which reduces the number of repeat requests.

The company's portal provides updates on investments by adding, editing, and sharing construction or renovation updates throughout the work process. Whether it's the status of the roofing project or securing the flooring contractor, the company's customers are always kept in the loop. Along with these services, the company also provides its customers with the AppFolio Investor Websites, a complete package of tools needed to create a stunning website and attract new investors. AppFolio's team of dedicated web designers helps customers design a simple, elegant website that represents their unique business and can be easily updated as they grow.

Streamlining Investor Communications

AppFolio has scripted the success stories of many companies. Pacific Apartment Homes was established in 2005 as a family-run business with the acquisition of several apartment buildings on the Central Coast of California. Since then, Pacific Apartment Homes has expanded to take over brokerage, acquisitions, and property management. For streamlining its processes and investor communications, the client leveraged AppFolio's Investment Management Solutions. By using the company's tools, the client saved plenty of time as all the investor information was stored in one place. The ease of communication with investors in AppFolio Investment Management was the key to success.

By leveraging AppFolio's software, the client has also built strong investor relations. This is where the company's investor portal comes in handy. Since using AppFolio Investment Management, investors have been ecstatic to have all their information in one place. They can log in and see every investment and click into individual distributions. With access to all their data, the client could save valuable time and meticulously tie out every penny and quarter invested. This is but one among the many cases where AppFolio has been highly beneficial to investors.

With offices in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Dallas, AppFolio is built for long-term success and is fueled by satisfied and loyal customers who value and contribute to its great culture every day.

Appfolio, Inc.

Santa Barbara, CA

Nathaniel Kunes, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Investment Management

AppFolio, Inc. offers innovative software, services, and data analytics to the real estate industry

"At Appfolio, We Partner With Our Customers From The Beginning, Developing New Features And Researching New Areas Of Innovation To Help Them Overcome Persistent Challenges"

- Nathaniel Kunes, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Investment Management