Convex: Driving Sustainable Revenue Growth for Commercial Services Businesses

Sven Linsmaier’s Chief Operating Officer, ConvexSven Linsmaier’s Chief Operating Officer
Commercial service partners like contractors, property managers, and more play an essential role in maintaining buildings and their crucial infrastructure in the property management and built environment space.

However, many service providers have struggled to maximize their business potential as a result of antiquated, manual go-to-market strategies. While the rest of the world is in the digital era, the commercial service businesses have been slower to adopt advanced sales intelligence solutions as part of their technology stack. This issue became even more pronounced in the wake of COVID-19 as it disrupted traditional in-person engagement processes with digital ones, hindering commercial services providers’ operations.

Having identified the potential for software to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of commercial services sellers, Charlie Warren, Blake Meulmester, and Brandon Dement established Convex, an enterprise software company on a mission to serve as the most important partner to digital-first commercial services businesses. Founded in 2017, Convex is at the forefront of helping commercial service businesses increase their revenues through data-driven go-to-market strategies and improved prospect discovery and qualification.

Bridging the Gaps in the Market

Convex addresses a range of challenges experienced by even the most seasoned sales teams. Firstly, many commercial service organizations struggle to combine the information of the physical, built environment with the view of customer accounts and contacts. Although there are a few partial solutions in the market, they’re primarily home-brewed or industry-agnostic, off-the-shelf products, which don’t meet customer-specific needs. According to Sven Linsmaier, Chief Commercial Officer at Convex, “We feel every client is different, so we do not believe in developing ‘one-size-fits-all’ or generic solutions.” For that reason, Convex has built vertical-specific software—that is, software that’s purpose-built for commercial service providers. Unlike spreadsheets and generic solutions, the company combines robust geographic data with easy-to-use software that digitally transforms organizations into efficient, winning teams.

Other challenges of existing solutions include lacking the means to display data in a meaningful way for sales reps; an inability to drive a fundamental change in the underlying business processes; and lastly, not aligning with industryspecific workflows. Convex solves all these issues with its flagship software, Atlas
Developed by former contractors and MIT engineers, Atlas is exclusively built to simplify the lives of sales reps, sales managers, and executives in the industry.It uses a buildingcentric structure and location-based approach, provides mobile access, and offers customizable options to match the way commercial service organizations sell.“The recipe for a sales rep to achieve success in the industry requires a true 360-degree view of the market,” says Linsmaier.

Unlike spreadsheets and generic solutions, the company uses a powerful combination of geographic data and easy-to-use software that digitally transforms organizations into efficient, winning teams

To keep a sales pipeline full of leads, the sales rep must have a view of every physical building or property information in a locality, as well as information on existing customers. Convex combines all these aspects into a single view and provides workflow functionality so that teams can uncover and win new business opportunities.

Atlas also seamlessly and securely integrates with clients’ existing CRM systems to create a single, end-to-end view of their market opportunity. It automatically stitches together previously siloed data and arms their teams with a property-driven view of where to call next

To do this, Convex developed a proprietary data layer that fundamentally prioritizes the industry’s orientation around physical spaces, using machine learning and GIS analytics to plot properties on a 3D map. Atlas makes it easy to organize and track rep activities, and other robust features address commercial service - specific user needs. The platform is built with a compelling software UI/UX, and even users who may lack deep familiarity with technology can use it effortlessly. Sales reps mostly use it daily to add hundreds of new opportunities and eliminate hours of costly prospecting work. “We help our clients create structured lists of prospects extremely quickly and make it available at their fingertips when needed,” states Linsmaier

Additionally, managers use insights from Atlas to organize and analyze their team’s performance, showcasing productivity gains and identifying expansion opportunities to sell more profitable work. They can also manage their regional strategy in partnership with their service ops team to target the best, most profitable areas for expansion.

Purpose-Built to Meet Client Goals

Convex has a dedicated customer support team, which helps clients find the right use cases to win in their markets. More importantly, the team helps clients understand how the solution can improve their day-to-day by solving existing pain points and connecting the dots about where to call next.

With such unmatched capabilities, Convex has achieved many success stories since its inception. For instance, Convex recently worked with one of the Fortune 50 industrial conglomerates to strengthen their commercial property sales processes. The company paved a new route to market that helped sales reps do the outbound sales work more efficiently. “This is a good case study because we did a corporate pilot with them nationwide last year. And, that went really well. We went forward with converting the pilot into an annual agreement on deployment,” explains Linsmaier. The client also had some feedback on things Convex could do differently. Convex took that feedback to heart and implemented those changes. Linsmaier continues, “One suggestion was to get contact information, in addition to property information, natively into our platform. We in fact launched our contact information feature earlier this year. Fast forward to today, the partnership has grown quite a bit with deployment across several regions. We’ve partnered with their teams to upskill sales reps and get them more comfortable with a digitallydriven sales model, whereas previously there was a lot of unsuccessful knocking on doors.” Today, the client is seeing significant ROI from the software.

Moving forward, Convex plans to expand the number of use cases it supports. The company originated in the mechanical space and has since grown into a variety of different verticals, including safety, security, roofing, and solar, to name a few. As a part of its product development plans, the company wants to continue building solutions that address real customer problems. “We are sitting on the proprietary data model that not only helps us maintain our position with our current customers, but can ensure that we can actively solve a wide range of problems for a broader set of stakeholders,” concludes Linsmaier.


San Francisco, CA

Sven Linsmaier’s Chief Operating Officer

Convex is at the forefront of helping commercial service businesses increase their revenues through data-driven go-to-market strategies and improved prospect discovery and qualification techniques.


"Unlike spreadsheets and generic solutions, the company uses a powerful combination of geographic data and easy-to-use software that digitally transforms organizations into efficient, winning teams"

- Sven Linsmaier’s Chief Operating Officer