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John Paige, Co-CEO, DisplaySweetJohn Paige, Co-CEO
As the world increasingly turns digital, interactive property experiences are becoming critical in the when selling or leasing new developments.However, uninspiring and clumsy presentations using printed books and sub-standard presentation software are still roadblocks for the industry. Consequently, sales and leasing become slow.

“We believe the solution to this is premium in-person and interactive online presentations,” says John Paige, the Co-CEO at DisplaySweet.

DisplaySweet combines experiential technology with property marketing to create an interactive showroom and presentation experience. The company’s suite of products ensures optimum commercial results for clients.

DS-Live & DS-Online App: The DS apps empower sales and leasing consultants to give customers an engaging and personalized presentation, intuitively showcasing all project elements, from movies to 3D plans and associated renders, with real-time data and availability.
DS-TV: Turn a TV into an interactive canvas in the showroom to present all project information by connecting the DS-Live app. Agents refine the presentation matching it to the customer’s needs to enhance the experience and improve your results.

DS-Touch: Replaces stagnant printed collateral with an interactive digital display. Allow your customers to self-explore and build confidence with the development and your Agents to tailor their presentations to their customer’s needs.

DS-Wall: A DS-Wall takes the showroom to the next level. It enables customers to completely immerse themselves in the view from their new property or office or how their finishes or fit-out looks as the color and materials change and view large-scale 3D floor plans.

DS-Immersion Room: The DS-Immersion Room offers customers the chance to experience their property at a life-size scalewith all walls covered in an interactive projection and enhanced with fully interactive content from changing schemes to views or facades.
  • We believe the solution to this is premium in-person and interactive online presentations

DS-Model Lighting: Connecting the DS-Live app to a traditional model’s lighting system makes the display experience far more cohesive and makes identifying amenities, areas of interest, and specific properties seamless.
DS-Interactive Map: The evolution of the physical model. Master plans and maps are brought to life with animated content on screens underneath physical transparent models creating a memorable and engaging experience.

Last year, four of the five highest off-the-plan properties sold in Australia, as reported by a leading Australian financial publication, andDisplaySweet launched over 100 projects across Australia, Asia and Europe. The company will be launching into the US in 2023.


Victoria, Australia

John Paige, Co-CEO

Since the company’s founding in Melbourne in 2016, DisplaySweet has grown to become Australia’s leading and most-used presentation app and showroom technology. One of Australia’s most respected PropTech companies, the DisplaySweet technology is transforming how the world buys and leases new property.