ePROMIS Solutions: Driving the Construction Project Success

In today’s construction industry, marred by poor productivity and increasing competition, companies are already reporting a substantial shrink in their profit margins. Further, the legacy approaches governed by tasks like manual accounting and bookkeeping create impediments in project scheduling and payments processing. With an aim to provide construction companies with complete control and transparency over their projects, Texas-based ePROMIS Solutions has developed a fully integrated ERP system that aligns with the cutting-edge technology developments including big data, cloud computing, and enterprise mobility. The advanced capabilities of the ePROMIS ERP system allow construction companies to maximize efficiency, minimize risks, and cut costs. “With centralized data and processes, ePROMIS ERP helps to balance profitability, deliver construction projects on time, and avoid revenue loss due to inappropriate staffing and resource allocation,” says Mathews Mathew, CEO of ePROMIS Solutions. The ePROMIS ERP is designed to mitigate the inherent industry challenges caused due to complex supply chain and human resource constraints.
The ERP system combines procure to pay and management of inventory, project, job costing, human capital, payroll, and financial and CRM modules, allowing companies to overcome their operational woes. Automating key operational processes, ePROMIS ERP enables construction companies to optimize the usability of resources without compromising on quality.

With an understanding that modern construction companies require more than conventional accounting software to manage complex finances, ePROMIS has configured its ERP system to handle multiple currencies, flexible transaction options, financial intelligence reporting, and global trade compliance.
The centralized ERP system can also be used to access and purchase order permits, approve documents and requests, and view relevant reports using mobile devices.

A fully integrated system, ePROMIS ERP, leverages big data analytics to help companies garner insights from all project sites and relevant departments in real time to make better decisions and improve business prospects. Coupling the ERP system with Business Intelligence, ePROMIS equips companies with the ability to transform raw data into meaningful visualizations so that they gain control over all aspects of every project. Being compatible with smart phones, the centralized ERP can be accessed by project members to access project information securely. The ERP solution also includes electronic approvals, business intelligence and analytics, mobile applications, document management system, document attachment system, cloud deployment, and audit trail system that facilitates information flow.

With more than a million ERP users across the globe, ePROMIS is active in 15 countries, including the U.S., UK, UAE, KSA, Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore. What differentiates ePROMIS from its competitors is innovation, product differentiation, and the drive to continually improve customer service. Besides it engages with customers on a regular basis to innovate and develop solutions based on their unique requirements.

Owing to the fact that 90 percent of the total global population will have access to the Internet by 2025, ePROMIS predicts that almost a trillion devices will be connected to the Internet, therefore, infusing enterprise mobility into every business. Backed by its investments in latest technologies, ePROMIS has set itself on the right track to leverage the best out of IoT and accomplish the objectives of its ‘Vision 2025.’ The company is looking forward to making further investments in security to increase the reliability of technology practices such as cloud, BYOD, and enterprise mobility. “Our innovation lab is working on the possibilities of inventing an AI-enabled ERP solution that will reshape the entire ERP software ecosystem and transform business processes and productivity benchmarks,” concludes Mathew.

"With centralized data and processes, ePROMIS ERP helps to balance profitability, deliver construction projects on time, and avoid revenue loss due to inappropriate staffing and resource allocation"

- Mathews Mathew, CEO