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Steve Serra, CEO, eUnify Central LLCSteve Serra, CEO
eUnify Central LLC is a software provider with a heart that beats for property management companies. As these companies see a constant flux of homeowner associations (HOAs) and property owners partnering with them, they often have to work with companies that are at any stage of their technology adoption. “To that end, we have built our software with an architecture that unifies the best-of-breed functionality under one roof for property management companies,” says Steve Serra, the CEO of eUnify. As eUnify takes care of the integrations, security, and automation in the backend, property management companies can not only onboard HOAs faster but also offboard them swiftly, which separates them from other solutions existing in the industry.

Employing a consultative client engagement strategy, eUnify gathers client requirements and educates them on how they can use the cloud and automation to streamline their processes and reduce the workload to 'get things done faster.' Before implementing its software, the company follows a simple process where it extracts data from clients’ systems and migrates that to its cloud, without causing any downtime.

At the high level, eUnify’s software caters to two main divisions, property management firms and their customers (HOAs).
Under property management, eUnify offers uManage, a backend management system that covers accounting, banking integration, and automation to track and report finances. But that is just one part of the exhaustive functionality that uManage has to offer. Property managers can upload a picture of any property violation and send a notice of violation to the concerned parties via an email or letter. If there is a work order, they can intimate the right vendor by sharing with them the picture of the concerned part of the property. Homeowners, on the other hand, can take prior approval from the in-charge if they have any changes to be done, such as fencing or painting, to their property.

On the other side, HOAs can take a picture of their plans and share that with the property management company electronically through the Community web portal, which is a key element of the eUnify software. The board committee can review the plan, make the decisions accordingly, and declare the results through mobile. With all the historical and the latest data in one place, clients can iron out the discrepancies in their workflow without even touching a single sheet of paper. Beyond these core functionalities, eUnify offers a whole host of functionalities such as task manager, package tracking, concierge services, front-end tracking, vehicle management, online pass management for entry and exit, and many more.

For HOAs or property owners, eUnify provides CommunityLink. Using this module, HOAs can get all the information they need, view ledgers and next board meeting, and track other updates. With a dedicated portal to every association, eUnify allows HOAs to get accurate and personalized responses to all of their queries, quickly. Board members, interestingly, can track the expenditure by viewing invoice images and can act swiftly in case of fraud. This way, they can reinvest the saved time on tasks that add more value.

When COVID-19 hit, eUnify swung into action and surprised its clients with a new capability where a person can send her proxy for online meetings while keeping other participants apprised of it.

eUnify delivers all of its reports in the Word document format for maximum utilization of the information it provides through its software. A dedicated services team guides clients on ways to import accounts, journal entries and encourages them to do it themselves during the training period. eUnify’s support team responds to client's queries in 15 minutes. All in all, eUnify does not do fierce selling, because its software does the job itself.

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Steve Serra, CEO

eUnify Central LLC is a software provider with a heart that beats for property management companies. The company has built its software with an architecture that unifies the best-of-breed functionality under one roof for property management companies and their customers (HOAs). Besides a broad set of functionalities customized for different types of users, eUnify offers simplified reporting in Word document format and supports clients through a dedicated services team for maximum outcomes. The company specializes in releasing new capabilities that enables its clients to overcome the evolving challenges and stay competitive

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