Galileo Software Services: Empowering Property Managers to Better Serve Residents

Jun Lozada, Founder & CEO, Galileo Software ServicesJun Lozada, Founder & CEO
The colossal high-rises, condominiums, multi-dwelling units are increasingly becoming a significant part of the urban lifestyle in recent years. However, unlike the appealing facade of these structures, efficient property management becomes an arduous task for the real-estate developers. This is due to the fact that a sizable sum of profits in the real-estate sector comes through the sale of properties, while property management contributes a minimal amount to the company's bottom line. Since the property developers allocate scant budgetary support for procurement of tools and workforce to upgrade their property management services, the residents have to bear with mediocre services. The home-owners have to rely on manual service request forms that need to be physically submitted to the property management office to get acted upon. To eliminate disruptions in property management services, Galileo Software Services comes as a lifesaver through a community management toolbox that equips property managers with measures to provide enchanting post-sales services to the residents.
The company offers a flexible and cost-effective digital management platform, Abizo that caters to diverse requirements of the different socio-economic segment of the condominium corporations and real estate property development market. “The core of Abizo platform design is an engaging user experience at every touchpoint that makes us stand out in the flooded marketplace,” states Jun Lozada, Founder, and CEO at Galileo Software Services. The platform accelerates the rollout of new digital services by providing a set of digital transformation buildings block that reduces the cost and time of implementation of those services to a large extent. The flexibility of Abizo platform allows seamless integration of any new service to the application to expand the property developer’s service offerings towards the residents.

Galileo Software Services abides by its four principles— Bold Thinking, Empathy, Safety & Truthfulness (BEST). These four pillars with the company’s motto of— connect to what matters most— enables them to strive towards excellence and to provide their customers with new and state-of-the-art services. The company adopts software as a service (SaaS) pricing model that reduces the investment risk to an organization’s digital transformation efforts. It allows real-estate developers to only pay for the services availed, instead of paying for the entire application. A testament to their competent services is a customer success story in which the company helped a leading property developer in the Philippines to rebuild their negative brand image. The adverse brand image was the result of unsatisfied customers in their condominium units because of a large number of unattended service requests. The Abizo platform enabled the developers to automatically record any complaint in real-time that was then ticketed for repair. The coordinated service of the platform caused a prompt reaction to any customer complaint, which contributed to enhancing the customer experience. Also, efficient monitoring and management of service requests helped the company to build a positive brand image.

The company is expanding its operations through symbiotic services to cater to the needs of home-owner clients of the real estate companies in different locations. The symbiotic services, along with a SaaS pricing model, allow them to co-exist with other service establishments and onboard new clients. "In the age of social media, it is likely for condominium residents to know a friend who lives a thousand miles away and be completely unaware about the person living next door," remarks Lozada. Galileo Software Services is working tirelessly towards improving the well-being of communities by countering the growing isolation of modern city residents. With an aim to build use cases that foster a sense of community for all the residents of its clients, the company plans to grow organically by enhancing the well being of society.