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Gideon Pfeffer, Managing Partner, GSH Real EstateGideon Pfeffer, Managing Partner
Land, labor, and lumber are the three Ls closely tied into the real-estate domain. But today, the cost of these three crucial elements in new construction has risen to new heights, with many fingers pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic as the main reason. Newly built residences are financially out-of-reach for a significant percentage of home buyers, and real estate multifamily investors aren't satisfied with their ROI on new apartment construction. As a result, there is a scarcity of affordable, workforce rental apartments. That is where The GSH Group comes in for its investors and residents.

"We focus on acquiring existing multifamily buildings, typically apartment complexes built before 1990," says Gideon Pfeffer, the company's Managing Partner. "We then renovate these high-cash flowing properties, improving them with cost-effective upgrades and amenities. We are a vertically integrated company with experienced acquisitions, construction, and property management teams, so we're able to keep costs down while we improve the properties' value. Another strategy that sets us apart is our concierge approach. We do the heavy lifting, so our investors don't have to, managing all phases of their investment from A to Z.
Our business model benefits our residents, the community at large, and investment partners.”

Based out of Michigan with regional offices in Florida, Austin, and Tel Aviv, The GSH Group is comprised of an experienced team with notable and transparent business ethics. The company's services are utilitarian, built on the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) pillar that positively impacts society through energy, electricity, and water conservation plans using renewable materials. Moreover, its Meadows brand, an arm of the company, provides extra human-touch services that elevate the quality of life among its workforce housing residents, with consistent annualized returns for investors in these properties.

"Residents of a Meadows-branded property can expect additional resources at their apartment community. These assets include close proximity to great schools, transportation, retail outlets, social places and services, and more. We also offer access to childcare, tutoring, COVID-19 testing, discounts to local retailers, Amazon drop-boxes, and more," Pfeffer elaborates.

During the pandemic lockdown too, GSH offered all the necessary support to its customers. Acknowledging financial hardships, the company halted eviction, terminated rent increases during renewals, withheld fines for late payments, and relaxed fees on credit card payments. Instead, GSH provided the necessary assistance to the residents with their payment plans. At the same time, it kept the investors updated on the portfolio status and the financial outlook to help them make intelligent decisions. These steps enabled GSH to withstand the pandemic while it successfully raised over $75 million from investors and purchase approximately 1500 apartment units across six properties in 2021.

Owing to its outstanding quality of services, GSH successfully bagged the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch for 2020 award. It has also established a noteworthy position amidst the prestigious Inc 5000 Fastest-Growing Businesses list. These triumphs demonstrate the consistency of the company's growth trajectory.

The company aspires to maintain its steady growth in terms of expansion, with plans to move into more markets across the United States. With strategic blueprints for future growth, team GSH aims to serve its investors and residents beyond expectations. Click here to download GSH’s “Investing with a Purpose - A Deep Dive” prospectus to read more about our strategy for investors.

GSH Real Estate

Clawson, MI

Gideon Pfeffer, Managing Partner

GSH Real Estate provides superior returns to multifamily real-estate investors through cost-effective enhancements to existing properties while offering high-quality housing for essential workers

GSH Real Estate

"We do the heavy lifting, so our investors don't have to, managing all phases of their investment from A to Z. Our business model benefits our residents, the community at large, and investment partners"

- Gideon Pfeffer, Managing Partner