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Jeff Landry, CEO, ID PlansJeff Landry, CEO
Six months ago, virtually every individual in any part of the world would have preferred to physically visit a property before investing in it, but not anymore. As an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, the norms of buying, leasing, and renting property have changed completely. Given the inability to visit properties, buyers and lessees are now touring the preferred spaces virtually. But, is a virtual tour good enough to make the decision to invest? Florida-based ID Plans makes sure it is. Considering the dynamics associated with buying and leasing, ID Plans brings significant value to the commercial real estate industry. In an era when virtual tours are the way forward, ID Plans makes a mark with its solution, ID 360, enabling customers to lease vacant retail spaces faster, without leaving their desks. It is a web-based, interactive product that offers clients a more comprehensive view of properties, along with in-depth information on the assets. ID 360 comes as a unique solution that makes it possible to view accurate and detailed information that is crucial for customers to make the decision.

With ID 360, the company has brought the right solution to the commercial real estate industry at the right time.
In the age of social distancing, ID 360 is more relevant than ever. “We are thrilled to bring this innovative software technology to market that will increase their efficiency, allowing them to sell retail space faster,” says Jeff Landry, CEO, ID Plans.

ID 360 is the eyes and ears for those looking to lease or buy property, giving in-depth visibility into the spaces they deem suitable. It allows users to obtain a 360-degree overview of a retail space, which includes an expansive exterior and interior view, similar to Street View. ID Plans has also embedded another key functionality into the solution that allows customers to view the space’s assets, right from floorboards to electrical and mechanical information, and even its plumbing. ID Plans’ software offers all these functionalities through a user-friendly, self-service dashboard. Not only that, it even identifies the potential maintenance issues before they arise.

ID Plans isn’t just the right solution for customers, but also commercial real estate companies and property managers. It gives them the ability to select the desired space directly from the dashboard and send it to a potential business lead. All these features have proved critical for property managers in finding the new tenants as many retail businesses have been closing down in the past few months. All in all, ID Plans has allowed them to work more efficiently and lease their spaces faster.

As data remains the key element powering this software, the team at ID Plans gathers it precisely with the help of its team that tours the property vigilantly. As soon as a customer approaches the company with a specific requirement for a unit in a commercial space, the team at ID Plans visits the property and gathers all the data and presents it through the software. Right from the way the data is presented in the app to its authenticity, everything about ID Plans’ solution makes it valuable for customers. Further, in a bid to serve the industry better, the company intends to roll out more innovative products in the years to come, including a drone. “We are trying to develop more products that ensure great experiences to customers and get the work done in a short amount of time,” concludes Landry.

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Jeff Landry, CEO

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ID Plans

"In the age of social distancing, ID 360 is more relevant than ever"

- Jeff Landry, CEO