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Sridhar Deivasigamani, Founder and CEO, IntellihotSridhar Deivasigamani, Founder and CEO
Almost 40 million gallons of water are kept hot every day, year-round in hotels, schools, stadiums, and homes in the U.S. Energy efficiency and carbon footprint are left to bear its brunt. Despite breakthroughs in building technology, water heating systems have seen little to no innovation over the past 100 years. The traditional water heating methods continue to be cumbersome, inefficient, and prone to biological contaminants that result in unsafe water. What if there was a solution that could eliminate existing water heating concerns and provide unlimited hot water on demand, while consuming less space and resources? Intellihot is doing just that by setting a benchmark for performance and energy efficiency in the water heating industry.

"Intellihot is at the vanguard of innovating how water is heated with its next-generation tankless on demand water heating solutions that are clean, efficient, and reliable," says Sridhar Deivasigamani, Founder and CEO of Intellihot.

The genesis of Intellihot can be traced back to when Deivasigamani's house flooded due to a leaky water heater. As a proponent of energy efficiency and conservation, he quickly realized how archaic the current technology was and how much energy was being wasted. He set out to look for alternatives to the way water is heated and supplied, laying the cornerstone of Intellihot. What followed was taking those alternatives to new heights with the latest technology.

Intellihot's offerings include a series of the most advanced commercial tankless water heaters and AI-powered building smartification tools for the built environment.
The company's sophisticated technological solutions are designed specifically for commercial applications—hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and hospitals and more. They are meticulously built to provide decades of consistent hot water on demand, which lowers capital and operating costs and reduces water and energy use.

As opposed to traditional boilers that operate 24/7, whether water is used or not, Intellihot systems heat water on demand and keep it flowing when and where people need it. Intellihot's cutting-edge products save atleast 40-percent of the energy lost in conventional water heating systems.

One of Intellihot's second-to-none product offerings is its Neuron series. The Neuron tankless water heaters are designed to be a simple drop in replacement product. The iN401 & iN501 house independently controlled twin engines that offer built-in redundancy and twice the power of contending tankless water heaters. They also feature direct cellular LTE connectivity for remote monitoring. The plug-and-play tankless units connect to existing water and gas lines, eliminating the need for re-piping, dramatically cutting installation time. The cherry on the cake is its sleek and lightweight design, which is more than eight inches narrower than traditional tanks, allowing delivery through normal entrances and elevators, making installations a hassle-free experience.

Intellihot is at the vanguard of innovating how water is heated with its next-generation tankless on demand water heating solutions that are clean, efficient, and reliable

Intellihot has also taken into account equipment breakdowns that impair a business's operations. Intellihot has developed telliBot-ai, a water heater failure forecaster. The telliBot-ai forecaster can be readily attached to an existing water heater of any make. It leverages AI and sensors to collect data based on flow rates, temperatures, firing rate, and other factors to accurately forecast the systems' health, allowing commercial properties to plan for preventative maintenance and avoid emergencies.

The benefits of Intellihot's innovative water heating solutions can be best highlighted by a recent success story. Loews Miami Beach Hotel was operating with three large boilers and stored 1200 gallons of water, wasting a huge amount of energy and space. Intellihot helped the client upgrade its outdated hot water system by installing its innovative iQ1501 tankless hot water heater, reducing its carbon footprint while improving cost-effectiveness.

Intellihot's capacity to innovate and think outside of the box when solving problems is one of its driving factors. With its seamlessly engineered green water heating solutions purpose-built for commercial and industrial applications, Intellihot is leading by example toward a sustainable future.


Vernon Hills, IL

Sridhar Deivasigamani, Founder and CEO

Intellihot designs and creates tankless water heaters for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. By combining AI with leading-edge technology, Intellihot is revolutionizing the HVAC industry with hot water-as-a-service and changing the way water service is delivered.


"Intellihot is at the vanguard of innovating how water is heated with its next-generation tankless on demand water heating solutions that are clean, efficient, and reliable"

- Sridhar Deivasigamani, Founder and CEO