Landa: Redesigning Real Estate Investment

Amit Assaraf, CTO, Co-Founder and Yishai Cohen, CEO, Co-Founder, LandaAmit Assaraf, CTO, Co-Founder and Yishai Cohen, CEO, Co-Founder
Landa, a leading real estate investing application, is at the helm of redesigning property ownership. It is revolutionizing real estate investing by allowing any retail investors in the U.S. to access this critical market.

“Our co-founder, Amit Assaraf, and I wanted to pave the way to enable more individuals to get excited and involved in real estate investing. This manifested as an opportunity for us to develop the Landa platform that delivers an easy, safe, and secure user experience,” says Yishai Cohen, CEO of Landa.

Knowing that the biggest hurdle for most individuals to get started in real estate investing is the financial barrier, the Landa team has established a scalable model where people can invest with as little as $5. The low entry point for real estate investing creates a truly accessible investment opportunity. Many investors are just getting started, and they can now access the largest asset class in the world to build wealth for the long term.

Another significant barrier is the time it takes to manage a rental property in an extremely broken industry. Landa thought bigger to disrupt the industry and redesigned the tenants’ renting experience, making it less onerous as well. In this pursuit, it offers chat support and focuses on quick maintenance fixes.

Landa makes it easy for users to invest in individual properties and fully manage their investments on their smartphones. Its intuitive, easy-to-use application offers a transparent, DIY-style experience for choosing individual properties. It also allows investors to sell their shares, receive real-time alerts and updates on their properties, and easily understand their portfolios.

Clients can earn money through monthly dividend payments based on the percentage of shares owned in a specific property and its profit. This dividend distribution can be combined with continued appreciation of properties in high-growth areas to deliver outsized returns. The demand for safe addresses and quality homes in these areas continually increases even when the stock market is down, cryptocurrency is crashing, and rental occupancy remains high.

Landa navigates real estate market volatility by focusing on single-family residences (SFR) and multi-family residences (MFR) in high-growth markets. This allows it to keep investment costs lower than larger residential or commercial investments.

“Our vision is to be a partner in helping both our investors and residents grow their wealth. We succeed when our investors succeed,” says Assaraf.

Some of Landa’s best clients comprise young investors new to real estate and any manner of investing. They believe real estate is a place to invest securely for the future. Landa investors have, on average, witnessed a steady ten times growth of their account size during their first year of using the platform. This is because investors are increasing their investments and, especially in 2022, realizing returns that far outpaced the returns they could have gotten in the S&P or other markets.
  • Our vision is to be a partner in helping both our investors and residents grow their wealth. We succeed when our investors succeed

Landa’s experienced team of professionals across disciplines works together as ‘the Landa Factory’ to take a property from an acquisition target to a tradeable series in the application. At every step of the process, including acquisition, leasing, property management, regulatory filing, and deployment to the application, Landa leverages technology to increase its efficiency and speed to market.

Finding and financing the best investment properties nationwide, Landa continues to create an inclusive environment while ensuring its investors have the opportunity to take advantage of real estate investing.


New York, NY

Amit Assaraf, CTO, Co-Founder and Yishai Cohen, CEO, Co-Founder

Landa is a real estate investing application that is redesigning property ownership to be more inclusive through technology. Its investors comprises of all over 18 and is a US resident. Landa is revolutionizing the real estate investing industry to deliver easy, safe, secure experience for its investors and for the residents of its homes