3 Business-Specific Advantages of Virtual Real Estate Brokerage

Real estate agents can leverage virtual brokerage to improve their commission rates and market their services to a larger audience base.

FREMONT, CA: Property buyers often get puzzled when it comes to choosing the right real estate broker. While finding the right broker was certainly a challenging task in the past, technology is proving it otherwise in the current times. Modern property buyers have a number of options to choose from, and the inclusion of virtual brokerage has just made the task easier than before. Apart from benefitting the property buyers, a virtual brokerage is rife of opportunities for the real estate agents as well. A virtual real estate brokerage is similar to its brick-and-mortar counterpart but without a physical presence. The lack of a physical office makes virtual real estate brokerage even more profitable. Here are some of the major advantages associated with a virtual brokerage in real estate.

Improved Commission Rates  Expense such as renting of physical space and office equipment is a fixed cost that must be paid by conventional real estate brokerage. A part of this expense is passed on to real estate agents and customers, resulting in decreased commission rates. However, a virtual office saves costs, thereby allowing the real estate agents to gain amazing commission rates.

Fewer Fees  While conventional brokerages require real estate agents to pay fees for the franchise as well as licenses, many virtual brokerages don’t involve franchise fees. Thus, agents can save relatively more money via a virtual brokerage. Another underlying benefit of virtual brokerage for the agents is that they don’t have to pay a fee every time they make a sales transaction.

Better Marketing  When it comes to marketing and team support, virtual brokerage outperforms their traditional counterparts. This fact can be attributed to the presence of better technology in virtual brokerage. Better marketing support can enhance a broker's business prospects significantly.  

The above advantages of virtual brokerage are making it popular among the realtors. The obvious business benefits and ease of operation are also adding to the cause of virtual brokerage in real estate.

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