3 Key Automation Applications in Property Management

Automation is leveling the ground for both property managers and tenants.

 FREMONT, CA: Automation is gradually making deep in-roads the real estate industry. Property management is one such aspect of real estate that can benefit significantly from automation capabilities. An article in Manage Casa throws light on the benefits of automation and its potential to impact various aspects of property management. Here are some of the key ways how automation can add value to property management.

Rental Payments

Operations involved in rental payment can be turned seamless if the property managers provide tenants with a portal for online payments. Automation software enables tenants to pay digitally. Such platforms can even be used to remind tenants when the due date of the payment period has been exceeded. Automated alerts generated from software platforms will notify the managers about the payment status.

Property Renewals

Property managers can easily accomplish renewals using automation software. For instance, on the predetermined renewal date, the software can forward a prewritten email to the property owners. Such a system can offer information guiding the property owners on how to proceed with the renewal processes. The automation software can then help property managers prepare and deliver a renewal document to the tenant requiring a signature or certain essential information. 


Although maintenance requests might be difficult to automate, the maintenance processes can be accomplished quite easily using automation. For instance, maintenance crew can be notified in case of any property-related issues that require attendance. Similarly, low priority maintenance calls can be automated, assisting the tenants in messaging, calling, or submitting a ticket for maintenance.

Thus, property management automation is being viewed as an essential technological aspect that can highly optimize the operations for property managers as well as tenants.

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