3 Proptech Trends Every Realtor Must Adopt

Evolving proptech trends promise property business growth and increased revenue, attracting realtors world-wide. 

FREMONT, CA: The real estate industry witnesses the impacts of emerging technologies that provide numerous solutions for property business-related challenges and issues. The evolution of technology has upraised the competition level in the real estate industry by enabling innovative proptech trends like Space-as-a-Service, smart property renting and selling solutions, and cybersecurity to real estate business management systems.

• Space-As-A-Service

The space-as-a-service trend for property and real estate businesses proves to improvise the real estate business model. The advanced business model includes smart utilization of spaces in the form of co-working spaces or buildings, space management systems, and others. Property providers are introducing co-working or space sharing facilities, which not only allow numerous consumers to only pay according to their usage but also boost the revenue for the owners sourced from a particular building or space.

• Real Estate Cybersecurity

The new-age real estate owners and property developers choose smart appliances like AI-based electrical grids, interconnected building devices, high-tech security gadgets, and more. This smart approach helps the property owners to secure and monitor their real estate assets more efficiently. Tech-driven building assets can digitalize the monitoring processes and enable instant alert systems. Today, the property owners also use digital platforms for sharing and receiving property-related documents and prefer instant online evaluation processes of materials. Sharing and storing documents in digital platforms provide strong cybersecurity to their business across multiple business channels.     

• Smart Construction

Innovative solutions contribute to transforming construction techniques. The 3D scanner is experiencing massive popularity across the real estate and property construction sector. Highly integrated 3D scanning solutions offer smart scanning of the construction sites by covering precise details of hidden pipe connection or electric wiring. The deeply scanned construction site enables building architects to plan the new designs more productive, while the advanced connected communication features can also allow the professionals to share designs and documents of the site to the clients for approvals, regardless of their physical locations.

With numerous benefits in its kitty, technology continues to help property and real estate providers in identifying newer opportunities for business growth.

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