3 Social Media Strategies for Realtors

Social media offers a window for the realtors to engage with their customers and convert the prospects into property owners. 

 FREMONT, CA: Social media has emerged as an integral part of modern society. Enterprises are using social media to attract business prospects. According to a report, 77 percent of realtors use social media for real estate marketing in some ways. Further, 99 percent of millennials begin their home search online. Despite the use of social media platforms as a marketing platform, there is stiff competition among the realtors. 

Moreover, realtors need to devise more creativity and care than ever to get customers’ attention. Further, realtors need to keep experimenting with innovative means and social media platforms until they find out what works for them. However, there are certain basic strategies that will certainly assist the realtors who want to succeed in social media marketing. 

Offering Quality Content

It’s not difficult to understand that high quality, useful content is more likely to rise on the top, and influence targeted customers. Real estate agents need to focus on providing the most value in a highly competitive market. Posting relevant articles regarding property buying and personal finance and using live videos to offer an inside look of the business can be significantly useful in terms of business prospects.   


It is essential to stay consistent on social media platforms. According to a study, inconsistent or sporadic posts result in a drop in followers. Realtors need to stay around their audience’s view throughout the home buying process. Realtors can also devise a regular release schedule by observing the days and time when most of the prospective clients are active on social media platforms.   

Nurturing and Engaging

Social media is analogous to an advanced customer management platform. Realtors don’t just need to make posts but also engage actively in other posts. Realtors can comment on other posts, like, as well as share quality content. Besides, home buying is a major investment for an average person. Realtors who engage with the clients and honestly seek to assist the customers with their doubts and queries are more likely to get business from the customers.

While social media offers massive potential for the realtors, a consistent and honest effort to assist the customers will result in business growth.  

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