3 Startups Enabling Easy Property Sales

Has selling a house always been a daunting task? Here are a few startups that make the process of selling a property seamless and easy. 

FREMONT, CA: Owning a house is a matter of pride and financial stability for buyers. But, sellers find it excruciating when it comes to selling a house to move into a bigger space. Finding a new owner with a proper quotation is the real deal. Startups with their innovative ideas are making the long, tiring, and expensive selling process smooth, empowering seller to a great extent. 

• Ribbon

Aiming to make homeownership achievable, Ribbon gives homeowners the freedom to buy before they sell: house owners are no longer bound to wait till their old property gets sold out. They can easily move into their new space with Ribbon's help. The company with the help of realtors, giving clients the freedom to buy a house they want at the moment, and flexibility to sell their existing house for the best possible price. Ribbon works with the ideology that any family, buying their next house should have access to a simpler and stress-free process.

• Knock

Knock is an online home trade-in platform making the process of buying or selling a house streamlined. The company uses data science to price houses for sale, accurately acting as a real estate expert. With technology advancements, Knock sells homes quickly along with a dedicated team of professionals to guide homeowners through the selling process.

• UpNest

UpNest is an innovative real estate marketplace that connects home sellers and buyers with best agents competing for businesses. The company has made billions of dollars in home sales easy, saving consumers millions of dollars in commissions. UpNest improves the process for customers by placing agents in competition with each other to reduce costs to the buyers and sellers.

These new startups have made selling properties easier than it ever was. Now that the communication portals are well-developed, and sellers have a binding contract, sellers can start preparing their move. Selling properties is both emotional and tedious, and finding the right place to sell properties has become a must. Its time for the sellers to hand over the keys to the new property owners and move towards greater comfort with proptech developments.

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