3 Startups Mushrooming Residential Real Estate

The surge of residential real estate startups sees immense growth in improving the way residential property is sold, bought, rented, constructed, designed, and managed. 

FREMONT, CA: Technology has been revolutionized real estate greatly. The call for making more productive property decisions, increasing efficiencies, and providing better customer experiences has driven the industry towards technology. Transformative technologies are adding value, along every step of the real estate value chain. It offers immense opportunities for new residential real estate businesses. Fueled by startups, rapid innovation, is shaping the face of the real estate industry.

•​ Virtuance

Virtuance is a full-service marketing firm offering solutions for real estate photography. The company is a creator of HDReal® Imaging System, which is an automated imaging system for real estate producing imagery. It helps in gathering more online clicks, more views, and quicker sales. Virtuance delivers agents extraordinary quality and professional real estate photography, expanding into new markets. Its estimated annual revenue is $3.5 million.

•​ HomeLight

HomeLight is a real estate startup empowering people to make more intelligent choices during buying or selling their home. The company's established algorithm crunches home sales data and reviews that are hard to find. This determines which agents will get sellers the most money for their home. HomeLight's Agent Matching algorithm drives quantifiably better results. Its estimated annual revenue is $60 million.

•​ Homesnap

Homesnap is an online mobile platform, providing real estate services to brokers, agents, and customers. It is the market-leading national home search ecosystem that provides real-time multiple listing service data to consumers and available leads for agents. The Homesnap platform delivers a more enjoyable home search experience to customers while providing agents with access to reliable and intelligent mobile tools that expedite their success. Its estimated annual revenue is $17.5 million.

These residential startups will help buyers and sellers to enhance the real estate market. The real estate industry has always emerged according to the requirements of the market. With the growth of continuous technological impact, players in the real estate value chain are adapting to stay competitive. Technology platforms enable smaller residential assets to transact on platforms and make transactions in a fair quantity. This will lead to exponential growth along with radical changes.

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