3 Ways Chatbots Contribute to Real Estate

Chatbots are helping the realtors as well as customers through enhanced, buyer-centric services.

 FREMONT, CA: Sources say that the past few years have been a technology-driven journey for the realtors. Innovations such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have helped the realtors to expand their pool of potential buyers. Artificial intelligence (AI) with chatbots represents the next step in this technology-laced journey of the real estate industry. According to Fingent, 85 percent of all engagement that a potential buyer has with a business happens via self-service options such as chatbots by 2020. Below are some ideas for the realtors who are looking to engage customers via chatbots.

Automating the First Point of Contact

The realtors that deal with the sale of homes or property as a business can benefit from the deployment of a conversational chatbot. The conversational chatbot deployed on a realtors’ website will serve as the first point of contact for a prospective customer. Thus, the need to maintain a dedicated customer service representative for business inquiries takes a backseat with the deployment of a chatbot.

Lead Conversion

The presence of technological capabilities on the website contributes to the authenticity of a real estate business. Thus, the presence of chatbots and other technical supports on the website has the potential to enhance a realtor’s business prospects. According to a report, 63 percent of customers are expected to return to a website if it provides live chat functionality. Thus, the deployment of chatbots enhances the likelihood of lead conversion.

Personalized Experience

Chatbots can be trained on various behavioral patterns that are associated with typical real estate customers. An efficient chatbot laced with AI capabilities can even drive potential customers into booking a property deal. Such bots can analyze individual preferences and offer personalized recommendations to visitors.

Increasingly, chatbots are transforming buyers' experience in real estate while also enabling the realtors to access a wide range of customers at affordable costs.

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