4 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Building Solutions Powered by Proptech

Energy-efficient buildings offer an effective and economical alternative for the building owners as well as the tenants.

FREMONT, CA: With advancements in proptech, prospects of cutting down on energy and costs are increasing simultaneously. Further, an efficient construction will also restrict the damage to the ecosystem while utilizing natural resources such as land, water, energy, and raw materials in a limited proportion. The quest for energy-efficient solutions will also offer architects and contractors to design and execute the completion of innovative properties. For instance, real estate firms are aiming for net-zero energy buildings that will consume less than or equal to the energy that it generates on-site via renewable means.

Energy-efficient buildings are invaluable from an economic point of view too. Cutting down on resources and energy requirements for the buildings will immediately offset the expenses too. The real estate investors are moving towards energy-efficient projects, eyeing better returns. Here are some of the primary reasons why energy-efficient projects are gaining popularity in the real estate landscape.

Higher Return on Investment

As mentioned earlier, real estate investors are eyeing energy-efficient projects as a future trend in real estate. Usually, a commercial building needs a massive amount of energy to operate. The energy requirement fulfills the heating, cooling, as well as lighting requirements. The above requirements can be drastically reduced by adopting energy-efficient solutions resulting in reduced expenses. Moreover, building owners will ensure that the building has increased sustainability, thereby requiring fewer repairs over time. Thus, it will be easy to sell such a building enabling better returns for the investors.

Innovative Building Designs

Energy-efficient buildings are also enabling the architects to come up with unique building designs. A whole-building systems approach is the most effective way to achieve an energy-efficient building as it treats the entire building as one energy system whose energy flows can be centrally monitored and regulated. Such a design will also facilitate the contractors to utilize space and raw materials effectively. Thus, an efficient-building will attract more customers due to its enhanced design features. Unique energy-efficient designs will also ensure efficient utilization of critical resources such as electricity and water. Increasingly, real estate firms are utilizing energy modeling software to estimate a building’s energy requirements. The insights gained from the model can assist contractors, architects, and building owners in optimizing a building’s energy needs even before the construction begins.

Ventilation and Air Quality

People spend a significant amount of time indoors. The quality of air and ventilation considerably impact the health and comfort of the tenants. Insufficient ventilation or poor air quality influences the atmosphere of the rooms as well. Moreover, such an environment can be harmful to people with breathing or lung issues. 

An energy-efficient building addresses the above challenges with its efficient design that minimizes pollutant sources in the building. The energy-efficient approach also includes an effective ventilation system which enables the influx of fresh air and the expulsion of the contaminated interior air.

Efficient Lighting

Lighting is an essential factor for the appeal as well as the safety of the building environment. Well-Designed lighting can significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. Lighting quality also impacts health and sleep patterns. Thus, it’s essential to ensure an appropriate lighting environment that is both effective and affordable.

Energy-efficient solutions rely on new technologies to improve the quality of lighting. Such solutions empower users with greater control over the lighting system, such as an ability to decide on color and intensity. Moreover, the new lighting systems offer a far more sustainable alternative to the conventional ones. 

An energy-efficient building is the future of the real estate. Energy-efficient solutions not only offer an environment-friendly alternative to the conventional building, but also serve as an emerging platform for real estate investments.

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