4 things 5G Brings to the Real Estate Industry

5G is on its way, presenting the real estate industry with a bunch of opportunities.

FREMONT, CA: Modern-day real estate customers expect to have information at their fingertips at lightning-fast speed. Now, a new standard for such speed is about to be set, which is 5G. Once here, what will 5G offer the real estate business? Read on to know more.

• Virtual Reality Enhancements

While already available in some respects, virtual reality could really become elevated with 5G connectivity. 5G can make virtual reality applications seamless and truly realistic experience. With virtual reality becoming more commonplace with 5G, the real estate industry will start seeing an abundance of virtual home tours enabling buyers to make deals without having to be present physically.

• Smart Home Integration

With 5G speeds, homeowners can elevate the value of their property by converting it into a smart home. 5G connectivity can bring deeper integration across smart home appliances, utilizing fewer data and less energy without compromising on speed. Besides, 5G can also lead to better insights on home energy consumption, attaining energy efficiency consequently.

• Home Security

In terms of home security, 5G could provide enhanced technology such as improved remote area surveillance, and increased battery life for electronic appliances. For homes, surveillance integrated with medical firm contacts could help save lives, offering immediate assistance in the case of injuries and accidents. 

• Lucrative Leases

Unlike 4G and previous generations that relied on tall cell towers, 5G will transmit from smaller towers which telecoms can place on rooftops, inside buildings, and on building exteriors. This will create a way for property owners to profit from leasing space to telecoms. Property owners who rent space for 5G towers can make substantial passive income.

In years ahead, 5G could provide a very different experience for many aspects of the real estate business. Smart homes and properties will become less of an experiment and more of a reality with 5G. A bit of future-gaze can lead property owners to much greater resilience and more profitable properties.

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