A/O PropTech to Invest €250M to Boost Real Estate Startups

A/O PropTech has raised €250 million, enabling proptech startups to embrace digital transformation.

FREMONT, CA:  European VC, A/O PropTech, has secured €250 million capital to invest in startups intending to transform the legacy real estate. The company's vision is underpinned by a commitment to tackle climate-related issues, as the real estate industry consumes 40 percent of the globe's energy and raw materials. The firm intends to aid the digital transformation of the real estate industry, bringing about the much-required shift towards sustainability.

A/O PropTech operates on the vision to revivify the eco-system from within and make a proficient, transparent, and accessible and connected future. By investing in proptech startups working on rising technologies, enabling decarbonization and sustainability in real estate, A/O PropTech hopes to make a difference. To date, A/O PropTech has financed ten companies in the USA, Europe, and Israel, including Fornova, Bricklane, and, most recently, Plentific, starting a €29.2 million Series B round. Led by a multidisciplinary team, the company employs real estate, data, finance, mathematician, and engineering experts. Its senior management team has earlier led large-scale digital transformation projects for global banking, automotive and luxury retail organizations.

Some of the largest institutional real estate companies in Europe are amongst A/O PropTech's investors and combine a strategic pool of residential, commercial, and hospitality assets over €32 billion. This portfolio is used and integrated by A/O Propech as a ready-made sandbox to test, pilot, and fast-track the commercial and operational scale of its portfolio companies – a first of this nature and scale in Europe.

A/O PropTech is Europe's pioneering proptech VC firm. The company enables founders to iterate, create, and scale disruptive tech-enabled products and platforms. A/O Proptech integrates deep real estate proficiency, data science and strategic management expertise, and financial engineering. 

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