Are Smartphones Changing the Game of Real Estates?

The use of a smartphone is popularizing the real estate industry, giving it a digital makeover.  Realtors and customers can buy and sell properties easier and faster.  

FREMONT, CA: With digital technology, the real estate sector is optimizing and transforming its variety of operational activities and processes, enhancing productivity and profitability. Enabling this transformation is the data-driven business model. Data is now being collected and controlled right from construction and marketing to real estate management. Insights about this data help agents to make better sales with profound customer insights. Technology has been expanding at a rapid pace, and the advent of smartphones has made the evolution even faster. Maximum people nowadays own a smartphone these days, where interaction and conducting businesses are bound to be affected.

The ever-growing use of smartphones has thoroughly changed the real estate industry. Buyers, agents, sellers, and organizations have evolved and adapted to the increasing use of smartphone technology. Real estate companies have changed their websites to make them compatible with mobile devices. Sources say that companies find up to 30 percent of their clients through mobile websites, enabling them to stay ahead in the competition. Some companies have even gone further and developed sophisticated smartphone apps for their businesses. This allows users to have all the information they require with a single click. 

Traditionally, real estate business was done through person-to-person communication, and external agents were used the most of the time. But, after the advent of smartphones, the need for agents mitigated. Real estate companies have leveled up their digital services, contacting clients mostly through computers or smartphones. Selling property is at the fingertips of real estate agents, and it is now just as feasible as uploading the property information and images onto an app or website and start attracting buyers instantly. The real estate industry has been deeply affected by the ever-growing dependence on smartphones with businesses embracing the change positively.

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