Attributes of a Perfect Co-working Space for Your Company

Co-working spaces have boomed all over the country from its humble origins to now accommodating the most prominent players in their respective industries. But for those who are new to the market and are looking for an office space, what are things to be kept in mind?

Fremont, CA: With real estate booming in the major business centers around the country, choosing the right office space for the businesses is the most prominent issue the entrepreneurs are facing nowadays. In addition to this, there are issues related to admin and employee dynamics and the interactive areas that need to be provisioned for them. But, thanks to the bloom of co-working spaces, the search for the perfect escritoire for employees has become easier. 

Co-working spaces have hailed from humble origins—from providing amenities to freelancers and start-ups—to drawing the attention of the biggest enterprises existing today. According to a CBRE survey conducted earlier this year, the number of co-working space leases has increased by 277 percent. The sudden demand is primarily fuelled by millennials and the increase in commercial rentals. As the demand for co-working spaces increase, professionals find it a challenge to select the most suitable workspace for their companies. With so many options in the market, choosing a place has become a daunting task, and the only method to select is by simplifying the various vital factors: 


Location is the most important aspect that needs to be considered thought out, and analyzed before making a choice when it comes to choosing co-working spaces. The office needs to be situated in a place that is convenient for employees, clients, and also stakeholders, as the correct location will save substantially from long travel and exhaustion. 


The co-working partner to be chosen should not only provide a space to enrich professionally but also develop on a personal level. Several co-working spaces have provisions concerning career assistance, networking opportunities, learning and development activities, employee engagement activities, events, and celebrations besides the conventional perks like low costs, hassle-free infrastructure, and flexibility. 

Transparent pricing:

Before sealing the deal with a co-working partner, it is necessary to understand the pricing model and its clauses. An inquiry on what the additional costs are and how to use certain amenities like internet, printing, and meeting rooms, should be verified. It is always a good idea to opt for a co-working space that provides transparent, affordable pricing, and multiple benefits. 

Check For Value-Added Services:

There are many options in the market offering more than a place to work; they also care about enriching the experience. These brands have deals with service providers who help in the streamlining of the business operations, enhance productivity, and provide assistance with employee programs. The tie-ups among the co-working spaces and the service providers can include all kinds of services that range from HR services, employee accommodation to legal help, cloud computing credits, and also assorted catering services. The exciting aspect of these is the services, which add values for free. For example, most of the enterprise teams travel to different cities for meetings, workshops, and conferences as part of their work schedule. In the same lines, if an enterprise team is also looking for an insurance plan or coverage for its employees, this feature can be facilitated by the co-working space. 

Future Growth And Expansion:

The provisions for the growth and development of the businesses should be considered while choosing an office space. Even though the company may start to be only a four-member team, the requirements are transcending, and further extensions to the team would be necessary. It is essential to select a place of work where the scope for the expansion is high and allows accommodation for larger teams as well. This has to be kept in mind before leasing a co-working space.

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