Building Property Management System Strategies - A Guide for CIOs

Building Property Management System Strategies - A Guide for CIOs

FREMONT, CA: Numerous factors are involved when it comes to choose a new PMS, and any wrong step could lead to disappointing results. Avoiding the following five common mistakes can get the most out of your company’s investment.

1. Choosing by price alone

The old axiom stating “everything comes with a price” is very much related to the Property Management Systems. Choosing the software based on the price may be unsuitable to manage the business. User should choose a PMS based on functionality, flexibility and usability to enhance focus on efficient functioning.

2. Opting for more system than you need

There are varieties of PMS offering in the market with distinguished features and functionality. It is better to select a PMS considering the user requirements in order to avoid paying more for the functionality that is not required.

3. Not choosing modern technology

The growth in the hotel technology has been evolving significantly. The industry requires frequent upgrades for efficient maintenance and monitoring. Choosing a modern platform ensures long and prosperous sustenance and further provides hassle-free flow in the system.

4. Moving too quickly

The process of choosing a new PMS involves identifying the needs, evaluating the different contenders, sit through demonstrations, and pricing. Taking decisions quickly may end up in selecting the wrong PMS solutions that are not appropriate with the system. Taking up ample time to go through the process allows companies to make choices that make the best fit.

5. Not revisiting your business practices

Some companies have been following the pricing that were set previously. Selecting or upgrading to a new PMS modernizes the existing business practices, providing efficiency. Incorporating the changes also generates greater revenue potential. Not revisiting the business practices can make companies unaware of their profit margin and growth.


The hotel industry could benefit from a wide array of Property Management Systems today; offering a range of features and integrations to leverage, for taking the hotel workflows to a new level of excellence. 

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