Corelogic To Offer A Property Analytics Ecosystem, Data Exchange, And Discovery Platform

New solution simplifies data science difficulties to assist businesses in accelerating innovation, mitigating risk, and identifying new revenue sources.

FREMONT, CA: The real estate industry is not left behind as technology revolutionizes other industries. Almost every area of the real estate market depends on technological breakthroughs nowadays. Numerous aspects, including marketing, management, and property development, have been affected by technology. CoreLogic, a leading global provider of property data and analytics-driven solutions, has come up with Discovery Platform, a cloud-based ecosystem for data interchange and property analytics. Discovery Platform is a comprehensive property analytics system powered by the industry's first integrated property identifier, CoreLogic's CLIP ID, and built on over 50 years of data covering 99.9 percent of U.S. properties. The platform helps organizations, such as property and real estate technology (PropTech/ReTech), mortgage lenders, marketers, and insurers, identify, integrate, analyze, and model property insights to make vital business choices quickly.

"As the industry is increasingly leveraging data science and analytics to understand, improve and grow their businesses, it has never been more important to get the data strategy right,"  explains Patrick Dodd, President and CEO of CoreLogic. "By combining best-in-class data, enhanced analytics, and cross-functional collaboration capabilities into a unified solution, the CoreLogic Discovery Platform allows enterprise leaders to gain insights and integrate into their business activities faster than ever before."

Enterprises have made substantial investments in data science to solve problems and predict outcomes across every part of their businesses, from revenue forecasting to lead creation and beyond. They spend considerable time and resources managing this data but devote little time utilizing it to improve business outcomes.

Users can connect their business objectives and data with CoreLogic's data assets due to the seamless data integration. While most data exchanges rely on broad data sets, CoreLogic's CLIP® ID provides more granular information at the property level, allowing organizations to draw more accurate business insights based on the most recent market scenario. Organizations have access to a comprehensive suite of leading analytics and resources, such as data modeling and visualization tools, all of which are accessible within a secure digital workspace that can be used to extract and classify insights. Data may be readily exported and incorporated into external operational platforms to streamline workflows between data analytics teams and business decision-makers to increase efficiencies and accelerate the delivery of business objectives.

Organizations can use the CoreLogic Discovery Platform to identify and qualify prospective clients based on property or loan attributes, real estate or loan transaction events, estimated equity, or CoreLogic propensity models. Businesses can analyze the loan market's share by geography or portfolio type and then conduct a competitive analysis of significant rivals. Analyze properties' risks, including default risk, house price risk, hazard risk (e.g., flood, wildfire), and reconstruction cost risk. Businesses can use the propensity models from CoreLogic to identify at-risk customers and determine where lost customers went. Organizations can create customer profiles based on important property-related attributes. Predict behavior based on patterns and projections of the property's underlying features (e.g., home price appreciation, new construction, etc.).

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