CubiCasa partnership with PrimeMLS advances Floor Plan Installation in the US

CubiCasa revealed its partnership program with Multiple Listing Services (MLS) through PrimeMLS.

FREMONT, CA: CubiCasa, one of the leading real estate software companies, CubiCasa, partnered with PrimeMLS to unveil its Multiple Listing Services (MLS).

“MLS represent the pinnacle of organized real estate, and a huge accelerant to our mission to include floor plans on every listing in the U.S.,” said Jeff Allen, President of CubiCasa. “they are incredibly forward-thinking and share our vision of the floor plan being a critical asset on every listing.”

CubiCasa reveals its adoption rate of digital floor plans after its free product launch. There is a 455 percent increase in user signups yearly and a 98 percent increase in the US. CubiCasa has produced more than a million floor plans in over 170 countries.

“We’re pleased to bring an important digital asset in floor plans to all our members and provide homebuyers in the Northeast with more detailed property information,” said Joe Ryan, CEO of PrimeMLS. “Real estate professionals across the industry can create a digital floor plan with ease using CubiCasa, with no prior training and no additional equipment required, making it the latest powerful tool in our arsenal as we look to provide our members with the best products and services.”

Market conditions today require agents to market their listings with every tool they can use. Consumers consistently rank floor plans as one of the most valuable information on listings. Any smartphone user can use CubiCasa to create a digital floor plan of property instantly, and its new MLS program offers agents and unique appraisers benefits.

With CubiCasa, MLS members can save on optional add-on features, get free floor plans from their scans, and access an active directory of real estate photographers. Through the MLS, trustworthy and digitized property information strengthens the role of the MLS in maximizing real estate markets locally.

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