Ergomotion to Showcase Future of Technology for Better and Healthier Sleep

With much of its focus on the holistic wellness approach, Ergomotion will be pioneering wellness-tech solutions that will embrace the times we spend at home in our beds.

Fremont, CA: Ergomotion, the largest manufacturer of adjustable bases worldwide, is excited to showcase the future of technology for better and healthier sleep at this year's all-digital CES, the annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Ergomotion will be focused on how the adjustable bed base category is evolving in the well-tech space, providing solutions that will be essential components to a smart, connected home for a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Going above and beyond the traditional adjustable bed base, including temperature controls, wired remotes, and wand offline voice control, Ergomotion will present an effortless integration with smart home connectivity. The most recent products by Ergomotion include aromatherapy integration, apps that provide concise and consistent health data while owners sleep, and customized circulation cycles that will allow them to soothe muscle pain while regenerating body, mind, and spirit.

"Ergomotion is creating remarkable products that align with the new era of technology, one that will allow the adjustable bed base category to rise to the occasion and allow consumers to experience sleep inspired by technology," says Johnny Griggs, Chief Operating Officer at Ergomotion. "Not only are our adjustable bed bases the ultimate sleep technology solution, but the products are designed for smart home connectivity, providing both convenience and efficiencies from the time we wake."

Creating corresponding connections and integrating them into users' daily lives can help promote health and wellness with simple combinations from the Ergomotion smart bed. The consumer electronic space is continuously evolving, and innovative smart bed technology is being developed to fully control the sleep experience.

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