Flume Starts New Business Unit Focused On Enterprise Data Solutions

Fremont, CA: Flume, the company that brings connectivity and intelligence to household water use, has presented a new business unit focused on enterprise data solutions. Flume Data Labs is a new company that provides water providers, brands, insurers, and state and regional planning agencies with real-time expert analysis of residential water use across the US.

Flume Data Labs makes use of Flume's extensive nationwide network of sensors, which record residential water use at 5-second intervals. This unrivaled level of granularity is required to disaggregate water consumption down to the fixture or appliance level.

The demand for high-resolution water data is increasing as weather patterns change and water scarcity worsens. Until now, there has been no detailed, real-time water use data at this level, leaving water providers to estimate and guess how, when, and where water is used.

The analysis provided by Flume Data Labs enables clients to plan and forecast utilizing historical and real-time indoor and outdoor water use trends, assess compliance with state and federal water regulations, as well as develop dynamic programming in response to changing water conditions.

"To plan for the future, it is essential to understand where and how much water is being used today," stated water demand expert Peter Mayer, P.E. "Water use has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Flume Data Labs is quantifying demand changes in real time and explaining how usage is likely to change in the future. The detail provided by Flume Data Labs exceeds any AMI system on the market."

Flume Data Labs uses a sophisticated signal processing approach combined with machine learning to break down residential water use into end-use components such as showers, faucets, toilets, clothes washers, dishwashers, and more. Flume Data Labs' data set already contains hundreds of millions of water use events and is growing every day.

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