Graphic Technology: The New Powerplayer in the Online Real Estate Market

Graphic technology has emerged as the real game-changer of the real estate industry as it grabs the attention of potential customers.      

FREMONT, CA: The process of house-hunting has changed rapidly in the era of digitalization. Now, one does not have to spend days scouting for the right property to rent or buy. Online property portals provide easy access to thousands of property listings based on criteria set by the customers. To stay competitive and relevant in the transforming mediums of business, the service providers have to optimize their marketing strategies. One way to achieve it is through the use of high-quality graphics depicting properties. Visually appealing representation of houses and buildings give the online buyers a unique perspective of the available residences without having to visit the actual sites.

Graphics is a powerful tool, providing a lot of information about the property. It can effectively engage the target segment for a company. Be it the interior or the exterior view of a building, the pictures accompanying a property listing will generate a higher amount of interest among potential customers. With Building Information Modeling (BIM), professionals can create intelligent 3D plans that have several functionalities. Today, it is possible to develop realistic visuals using designing tools available through software offerings. The solutions contain several features that enable a designer to create accurate and appealing digital images of properties. 3D representation of buildings adds even more value to a property listing. Third-party providers are catering to property portal companies which want 3D rendering services for the houses on their websites.

The development of graphics technology has led to the emergence and success of pre-selling in the real estate industry. Realtors and developers today don't need to wait for the completion of a construction project to present it to buyers. By using modeling and visualization, realistic renderings are designed and used for marketing purposes. With reference to these media, customers are able to take a call about buying or renting upcoming properties. Previously, realtors had to depend on photographs of unfinished properties which mostly failed to impress and convert interested parties into customers.

3D renderings allow developers to highlight the best aspects of the property. By using aesthetics, stylish interiors, and elements like furniture, property portals look to build emotional connect between the buildings and potential customers. The external views are also elevated using appealing properties like gardens, trees, and lighting, which play a role in convincing customers into investing. From color palettes to wall textures, everything can be customized to make a façade look desirable and attractive.   

In addition to the 3D renderings, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are propelling the real estate sector towards digital advancement. Using these technologies eliminates the need for a customer to visit a property before buying it. It is beneficial both to the buyer as well as to the seller.  An individual sitting in one corner of the world can browse property listings from another part and even take a trip through the houses. This is possible with the immersive experience that AR and VR provide. VR headsets are now affordable and readily available. Consumers can enter the virtual world and experience properties while sitting at home. The use of AR is also becoming common as smartphones are becoming compatible with technology. Using smartphones, potential buyers can generate virtual 3D renderings.

The advancement of graphics and visualization technologies is redefining the way online property portals represent houses to customers looking to buy or rent. Realtors can convince and convert customers with a higher degree of success by taking the property viewing experience of an online customer onto the next level.  

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