Green Buildings: Benefits And Drawbacks

Green buildings provide numerous advantages and significantly impact the environmental, economic, and social levels.

Fremont, CA: Most countries are now adopting green building concepts, and others are on their way to following suit. In addition, individuals and investors have become increasingly interested in self-sustaining homes and buildings on a smaller scale.

Benefits of Green Buildings

Cost: The construction costs are the same as for a standard building, except they sometimes cost a little more because they require unique materials to be built. On the other hand, regular building costs will continue after construction because money will always be spent on maintenance, renovation, operation, or even demolition.

Efficiency: This is divided into the following categories:

  • Water Efficiency: Green buildings don't understand the concept of "wasted water," as they recycle rainwater and greywater and use it for toilet flushing, for example.
  • Energy Efficiency: These buildings use less energy than brick-built structures. They rely solely on renewable energy resources such as solar power, hydropower, and wind power for heat and electricity and to improve indoor air quality.
  • Material Efficiency: Green buildings are made of natural, non-toxic, and recycled materials that are inexpensive and environmentally friendly, such as bamboo, straw, recycled metal, or concrete.

Infrastructure Preservation: Because these buildings are efficient in both energy and water supply, they greatly expand the capacity of local infrastructure.

High ROI Rates: Because these buildings are all-natural, they have a high return on investment rate, and properties in these buildings sell for a high price.

Disadvantages of Green Buildings

Location: Because these buildings rely on the sun for energy, they must be located in a position that provides the best sun exposure, which may necessitate placing them opposite other neighborhood homes.

Availability: The materials required to construct such structures can be challenging to come by, particularly in urban areas where environmental preservation is not a top priority.

As a result, shipping these materials may be more expensive than constructing a standard structure.

No Air Cooling Features: These buildings use heat to generate power, so they are not designed for hot areas. Air conditioners will be required because they lack ventilation systems, making these buildings anything but eco-friendly.

Construction Takes a Long Time: Buildings take a long time to build and design: Green building designs use a unique method that considers the surrounding environmental conditions.


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