Habi Raises $5.5M to Streamline Processes for Middle-Class Consumers

A tech-driven real estate company is unveiling a platform to make homeownership simpler for local customers with secured investments. 

FREMONT, CA: The Bogotá-based technology-driven real estate company, Habi, has secured $5.5 million pre-seed investment within six months of its founding. The company is dedicated to simplifying the lifecycle of homeownership in Latin America. The investment was driven by Tiger Global Management and Homebrew and Zigg, along with Reshape Holdings, FJ Labs, Supernode Ventures in this round. Habi streamlines the buying and selling processes of residential real estate for middle-class customers in the complex, $10 trillion Latin American real estate market. Harnessing its proprietary pricing algorithm and platform for buying, advancing, and selling properties, Habi alleviates the risks facing sellers in conventional transactions and eliminates the necessity for intermediaries.

Habi integrates advanced analytical tools with human insight to help its clients buy, enhance, and sell homes, giving users transparent access to information and peace of mind during the most significant financial event of their lives. This investment will be used to scale a single solution for current and future residential owners at every step of the homeownership process in Colombia and during Latin America. This funding will facilitate Habi to launch in 3 key neighborhoods in the north of Bogotá with robust middle-class growth and attractive real estate, expecting to expand to other key Latin American markets over time. 

Habi is a technology-driven real estate organization dedicated to streamlining the homeownership lifecycle throughout Latin America. Using a proprietary pricing algorithm, Habi helps middle-class customers buy and sell their homes more quickly and efficiently, without the uncertainty of standard real estate transactions. Based in Bogotá, the company's mission is to transform the Latin American real estate ecosystem by empowering middle-class residential buyers, sellers, and owners. Habi's platform improves the real estate ecosystem with more accessible data, robust tech, and efficient processes.  

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