HawkSoft and vipHomeLink Form Partnership to Provide Homeowners with Proactive Home Maintenance and Protection

HawkSoft has been a leader in management solutions for independent insurance agencies who want efficient workflows and a pleasant experience for their employees and clients since 1995. vipHomeLink is a digital home management system that assists homeowners with house maintenance, organization, and improvement.

Fremont, CA: HawkSoft, an insurance technology developer based in Oregon, and vipHomeLink, a prominent InsurTech firm specializing in cutting-edge digital home management systems, have established a formal alliance today. HawkSoft's Referral Partner Program has welcomed vipHomeLink as the newest member. VipHomeLink will provide homeowners with a range of digital home management solutions due to this new partnership.

Independent insurance agents can use vipHomeLink to improve the protection they provide their clients, going beyond coverage to include proactive home maintenance. For example, a homeowner can use vipHomeLink to digitally monitor and organize important papers related to their house, remain up to date on required inspections, and be proactive with maintenance. As conversations shift from reactive to proactive around homeownership, agencies that give vipHomeLink to their clients report a rise in engagement and a drop in their loss ratios.

"Many agencies that use HawkSoft to power their insurance operations see themselves as delivering knowledge and protection to their communities, not merely selling insurance products," says Rushang Shah, HawkSoft's VP of Marketing. "Our collaboration with vipHomeLink enables agencies to go beyond risk coverage and into proactive risk mitigation with their insureds. It shifts the agent's focus from claims management to problem prevention."

VipHomeLink's President and Co-Founder, Geoff Martin, stated, "We're thrilled to be working with HawkSoft, a market leader in agency management software. We can work together to help independent insurance agencies increase client engagement. Our solution contributes to a policyholder's home being safer and more enjoyable, which reflects positively on the agency that made it possible."

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