HelloOffice Bids Adieu to San Francisco to Land in LA after Closing on $6.5 Million

The modern real estate brokerage software provider HelloOffice raises $6.5 million to uproot and shift to Los Angeles from San Francisco 

Fremont, CA: A modern commercial real estate brokerage business, HelloOffice has obtained funding of $6.5 million from a new financing source and has shifted offices from its place of origin San Francisco to Los Angeles as its first regional office. 

The company supplies software to accelerate the nerve-wracking tasks of searching for office space, especially in San Francisco. Being launched in 2016, the company has already worked with Y Combinator, Knoteln, Brex, Palantir, and Patreon to assist them in finding the space they need. By giving power to experienced brokers accustomed to innovative technology, HelloOffice turns the excruciating traditional process of searching for office space into a faster and more collaborative experience. The CEO of the Company Justin Bedecarre quotes that the company is now ready to simplify the office searches in Los Angeles. 

He believes that LA is an inflection point, aggregating the largest tech and entertainment companies in the world, making the city a vital hub of the industries. The city is also becoming a startup-friendly place with a renaissance occurring at present, a perfect time and place to build the foundation of the company. HelloOffice has raised funding from a slew of top-tier venture funds who have fuelled the growth of the company with an injection of $6.5 million. These investors include majors like Initialized Capital, Founders Fund, Founder Collective, Peak State Ventures, SV Angel, Liquid 2 Ventures, SaaStr, and The House Fund.

The fact that investors are looking for niche verticals in a broad business-to-business software category is proved by this example of the investment to HelloOffice. These investments benefit the capitals from lightweight, flexible software offerings which are customized to the specific necessities of industries. The pool of industries that benefit from the efficiencies software provides, is of a gigantic size.

The CEO has stated that the money was raised to invest in HelloOffice's team and platform along with the scaling to newer markets beyond San Francisco. He continues to explain how the raised funds of $6.5 million aren't touched as they are quickly growing while remaining profitable.

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