How a Seed Funding of $10M Empowers this Real Estate Startup

An end-to-end CRE platform, Biproxi has raised a seed funding of $10M to provide the best tools, data, and applications to empower brokers to sell efficiently, and buyers to invest confidently.

FREMONT, CA:Commercial Real Estate (CRE) transaction platform, Biproxi is on the verge to be the leading in the industry by raising $10 million as funding recently. The company's target users are commercial real estate brokers, buyers, and tenants aiming at potential audience transacting around nine-digit or higher-valued properties. This highly funded startup aims at helping a segment of the commercial real estate world that is considered to be the middle market like independent brokerages, having to spend less time on marketing.  

Biproxi gives brokers the resources to compete with larger brokerage houses. The startup has also launched an algorithmic-based data product, which will provide instantaneous property and valuation statistics on over 32 million off-market commercial properties. The company gives its users detailed access to assessed property values, historical sales data, property data, and financing history. Biproxi has created a business-efficient way for both brokers and investors with an end-to-end solution for commercial agents to complete an entire real estate deal on one free platform.

Biproxi is an end to end platform shortening the commercial real estate sales cycle using proprietary technology to validate and verify listings, sellers, buyers, and tenants. The company provides users with comprehensive dashboards, allowing them to discover new listings, make offers and close deals seamlessly. It is also providing buyers with an impeccable database of listings and data for free while surfacing the best options for them. To efficiently serve the market, the company has created a free listing and discovery process with better analytics and free subscription. Biproxi provides sellers with unique solutions on marketing and listing insights.  

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