How AR in Proptech Transforms Property Viewing and Construction

AR-based tools and applications experience massive adoption by the property providers and real estate professionals, as this advanced technology offers innovative solutions for property viewing and construction.   

FREMONT, CA: Modernizing the real estate business infrastructure, property technology continues to offer innovative solutions and possibilities to introduce new waves of next-gen capabilities. Tools based on technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and more have increased the real estate business benefits in recent years.    

From transforming the ways of property viewing to introducing advanced construction processes, AR technology revolutionizes the real estate business. The advanced technology increases customer participation through its interactive features across the property applications. The interactive solutions for property sales and constructions not only save lots of time but also allow the real estate professionals to customize their offerings. The ability to customize the real estate properties according to the customer demands, triggers the development of a new business model with the potential to tackle the present market competition. AR-based solutions in the proptech industry, backed with various technologies, provide new business opportunities.

Today, many property providers utilize AR-based applications to interact with their clients and execute advanced sales strategies. Integrated applications allow the real estate professionals to understand their client requirements, while AR-based features in the digital applications help them give their clients a digital tour around the property before the actual visit. The digital ways of viewing the properties save a massive amount of time and cost by eliminating numerous physical visits. AR-based property viewing platforms enable more informative and visual proposals, providing a more clear vision to the professionals on possible deals. In recent years, these interactive applications for property sales are gaining massive popularity and experiencing significant adoptions by the property providers into their business models. 

Developing real-estate projects requires accuracy in the designing and presentation processes. Implementation of the AR technology in the designing studios can save hundreds of hours in building the real model of the property, and the AR-based presentation platforms help the decision-makers see the future property layer-by-layer, and suggest changes more precisely. The advanced technology also helps the architectures mockup the particular construction site and allows them to monitor the progress of the construction. AR-based solutions help the property construction teams visualize the elements of the building, accurately plan the buildings' electricity and sewage pipes implantation, and avoid unnecessary drilling. Architecture mockup visualization saves time and effort for the construction teams while introducing future-generation property development solutions.

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Augmented reality offers significant benefits from the early stage of construction projects to the final selling and marketing of the property. The advanced technology provides new ways to engage and connect with the digital-savvy clients and customers of property providers. The new age property providers and real estate professionals utilize AR-based applications and tools to accelerate their business and efficiently tackle the growing competition in the global market. Popular AR-based marketing solutions for real estate businesses like digital catalog options, cross-platform audience engagement, 360-degree property view, 3D walkthroughs, and more allow the real estate professionals to engage and attract the customer. With the advantages of sales acceleration, more accessible project management and supervision solutions, instant project designing and construction planning, and understanding the property demands of the customer, the emerging property technology opens the door for future opportunities and unexplored landscapes of the real estate business.

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