How AVMs are Becoming Vital for Property Pricing

There is a lot of potential in what AVMs have to offer today's modernizing real estate industry.

FREMONT, CA: Today, the process of buying, selling, and renting properties have become modern and mobile. Online property platforms are now accessible through web browsers and apps, bringing in an unmatched degree of convenience. These new interfaces for real estate deals have mandated the introduction of automated pricing and valuation solutions called Automated Valuation Models (AVMs). With AVMs, it is possible to work out the market value of a property, commercial, or residential with the simple click of a button.

Previously, AVMs mostly found use only in the case of residential real estate owing to the ease of determining the price of a house. By comparing the characteristics and the sales prices of properties located in the same geographical area, AVMs could quickly carry out property valuation. On the other hand, the factors on which the market value of a CRE depends are numerous and overlapping. Unlike residential properties, there are not enough points of comparison that can be used to arrive at the market value of properties. The aspects of maintenance costs, taxes, and operating costs also emerge in the case of CRE valuation.

However, thanks to advances in technologies, AVMs have started appearing in CRE deals as well. The intrinsic challenges associated with the use of AVM in CRE are being addressed, enabling stakeholders to adopt AVM solutions. The ease of accessing data is one of the major factors driving CRE to embrace AVMs. With enough data and automated integration tools available, the modeling capabilities in AVMs can be leveraged to price properties accurately. With evolving AVMs replacing legacy processes, the real estate sector is poised to get better results.

Be it the automation of data entry and integration or the modeling of scenarios, modern AVMs are designed to accelerate the property valuation process. Through AVMs, many aspects of the investment process also become highly refined, resulting in lesser errors in decision-making and quick returns. Even portfolio management is becoming holistic with the advancing AVM solutions, giving the real estate sector a boost.

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