How Biometric Door Locks Add Extra Security to Your Smart Home

Smart locks are among the most valuable innovations in modern home security, with a growing range of features

Fremont, CA: With the rapid expansion of IoT applications, the way we access and safeguard our daily domestic life has changed dramatically in just a few years. Consumers can get state-of-the-art home security as well as a variety of methods to improve their daily lives with today's advanced solutions. For example, consider home security automation, which allows customers to operate their locks and alarm systems remotely and grant access to trusted neighbors or delivery drivers without needing a physical key.

Assuring your Comfort

Smart locks are among the most valuable innovations in modern home security, with a growing range of features. Even yet, any device or program that relies only on PIN or password protection has room for improvement. When it comes to home access, any action that can improve security is essential, and we know that customers are concerned about IoT device security. Strengthening the device's safety that controls entry to their front door improves the intelligent lock's appeal and, more importantly, its mass-market potential.

Biometric technology not only assures that convenience does not come at the expense of security, but it also has the potential to improve convenience. For example, consumers currently get various 'lifestyle benefits' from IoT home security systems; biometrics take it further.

Where are we today with biometric home security?

Another prominent example is Slovenian innovative door manufacturer Inotherm's Inosmart system, which was recently revealed. This adds fingerprint authentication to the smart keypad on the door, allowing users to manage entry with their fingerprint on the keypad or via a smartphone app linked to it. In addition, it can save up to 100 fingerprints, allowing for great customization, convenience, and security.

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