How can Propetch CIOs Muster and Deploy Technologies?

When done strategically, the deployment and up-scaling of technology can be the big differentiator between competing proptech companies. Here's what CIOs need to know.  

FREMONT, CA: Proptech companies are an amalgamation of real estate and technology. In recent years, proptech companies have played a crucial role in crafting viable digital solutions exclusively for the real estate industry. The real estate industry has been able to leverage technology to incorporate new capabilities and better efficiencies in operations and business models. CIOs play the most important role in enabling proptech companies to develop potential from the perspective of technology. A perfect mix of technologies, along with a well-planned digital strategy, has the power to make proptech companies extremely competitive in today’s markets which are dynamic and customer-oriented.    

The qualitative role of CIOs in building successful technology backing for real estate companies that look to strike the proper balance between the two aspects of ‘property’ and ‘technology’ has been discussed in this article.   

• Smart Technical Workforce and Decision-Making

 Garnering the best possible tech talent pool comes in as one of the foremost steps in adding value to a company’s digital journey. Although it isn’t the job of CIOs to acquire the right candidates for their companies, they do play a key role in defining the skills that the company should look for in the long run. With well-trained personnel, they can scale up the application of technology to drive better operations. Intelligent technical decision-making is another key role that falls under a CIO's purview. Implementing technologies without foresight is difficult. CIOs, with a clear plan, can have better odds of investing in technologies that are relevant and give good returns. Apart from the CIO, proptech companies should also create other leadership positions in the technological space. Technology experts, along with experts in the real estate sector, are central to effective business models in proptech companies. 

 • Prioritizing User Experience through Improved User Interfaces

Success in proptech depends on user experience. The workflow in proptech companies is unique in many ways, requiring customized solutions that facilitate better user interfaces. No matter the offering, proptech company CIOs should invest generously in creating impressive platforms and applications that enable end-users to interact effectively and intuitively while using the solutions. Better user experience results in higher customer engagement,  which subsequently leads to higher revenue generation and the creation of a loyal customer base. 

• Intelligent Investment and Strategic Partnerships

Picking a few digital solutions that are relevant to the company is not the only duty of CIOs. Ensuring these solutions contribute to make the business model successful and gel well among themselves is essential. When proptech companies build partnerships or opt for third-party vendors, they should conduct assessments to determine whether these relationships and investments add real value to their services or not.

• Management and Scaling-up

A staged approach has proven to be the best for proptech companies that are out on a technology acquiring spree. When tests and trials are used to evaluate digital prowess, proptech companies can guarantee the successful application of a particular technology. On the other hand, when the scaling-up process is mismanaged, and solutions are adopted without pilot projects, it becomes difficult for proptech firms to ensure a quick ROI or improved functionalities. 

As a supplier of technology-based solutions and services to real estate companies, proptech firms must always be on top of their game when it comes to leveraging technology. Building digital infrastructure is not a simple process and CIOs, who are at the helm in the decision-making process, should ensure a consolidated digitalization policy. A proptech company might be from the B2B or the B2C domain, but technology is the underlying factor in every department. As the investments for innovative proptech companies flow in, CIOs should ensure a great digital experience for the employees, and end-users alike. 

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