How Digital Transformation is Empowering Realtors

Digitalization seems to be the perfect formula for realtors to explore and here's more to it.   

FREMONT, CA: Digital transformation has changed the face of proptech. Real estate has been an early adopter of technological advancements, taking steps ahead to maximize productivity by moving towards a digital era. Selling a property was a tedious task; it was both expensive and time-consuming. Embracing digital transformation, sellers can now easily give a 360-degree view of property virtually or through other modern technological advancements. Leading proptech companies have adopted digital transformation to enhance customer experience, increase sales, and boost operational efficiencies.

With social media becoming ever-prominent, proptech sellers have created a platform for social media users to sell properties easily. Social selling is a digital marketing method in which salespeople use the power of social media to connect with prospects directly. According to research by PwC, 78 percent of buyers are usually influenced by social media in some form while investing in a property. The public digital domain offers a platform for clients to share their experience. Social selling has the potential to impact a consumer's buying decision positively.

With the advent of Virtual Reality (VR), selling properties have become more flexible as buyers and sellers do not have to view every single feature. Sellers can visit buyers, through VR headsets, and get a full view of the properties and then schedule a date to visit the shortlisted property physically. VR technology saves time for clients and realtors, freeing up the time to travel from one property to another. Potential property buyers are using VR headsets while enjoying an immersive three-dimensional tour. The modern real estate industry is more vibrant and appealing than it was ever before. The ever-changing digital landscape drives it. Proptech is shaking up the industry and shaping the way realtors and their clients do business. Digital technology is providing more opportunities for business growth while delivering increased value to customers. 

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