How do Virtual Assistants Contribute to Proptech Firms?

The potential of virtual assistants in modernizing workplaces and service delivery platforms is today evident for proptech companies.

FREMONT, CA: Proptech companies are experiencing swift growth and entering new business domains. While many advanced technological applications extend support to the growing sector, it is the smart assistants which are proving to be a big plus. Navigating the new-age workplaces, handling an ever-increasing amount of data, and coordinating communications and operations are some key areas where smart assistants are making their presence felt. The possibility of deploying smart assistants for more complicated tasks in the near future is pushing proptech companies into investing more. Currently, AI-backed assistants are carrying out simple but essential tasks that result in increased productivity and reduced dependence on employees.

Many proptech companies have sought the assistance of leading technology companies to create customized assistant-bots for their workplaces, as well as for their consumer-facing apps and websites. The business ecosystem today is dynamic and demands fast-paced operations. Proptech firms that function on strict timelines are benefitting by including the assistants in their workforce. The smart assistants, most of which are conversational, are involved in a range of every-day tasks like locating important data, coordinating meetings, assigning tasks, scheduling appointments, and optimizing the resources used by the back-office processes. Owing to their conversational nature and well-integrated interfaces, proptech employees can give audio commands to get a wide range of tasks done easily.

Apart from enhancing employee experience, smart assistants incorporated into websites and apps help proptech companies improve customer experience. Today’s customers expect reliable services and easy ways of approaching service providers. AI-backed smart assistants are trained to take a spectrum of queries from customers and relay information immediately. Whether there are queries regarding buying, selling, or renting properties, smart assistants can easily provide guidance. With the advancing contextual understanding, the smart assistants are poised to attain higher functionalities soon. 

The digital assistants are crucial for the proptech companies because of the flexibility, efficiency, and intelligence that they bring to aspects like staff management, internal and external communications, and marketing and sales. Going forward, comprehensive digital assistants are about to get multifaceted and help proptech deliver better services. 

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