How Does Visitor Management System Improve Workplace Security

Visitor management systems are much more advanced and beneficial than traditional paper logbooks, where there is more room for human error and security breaches.

Fremont, CA: Offices often have a lot of people entering and leaving their premises, and having a CCTV camera at the entrance is no longer sufficient security for offices. By using visitor management systems, companies can prevent data security breaches and physical threats from unwanted, dangerous visitors. In addition, cloud-based solutions enhance workplace security by identifying and recording visitor information and movements.

Visitor management systems are much more advanced and beneficial than traditional paper logbooks, where there is more room for human error and security breaches. Here are a few ways that visitor management software can enhance workplace security:

Monitors Entry and Exit of Visitors to the Office

The first-way visitor management systems enhance the security of workplaces and offices is by monitoring people's movements in and out of them. A visitor management digital reception will require every person who enters a workplace to submit personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, photographs, etc. The data is then stored in the cloud for future use. By putting these systems at the entrances of workplaces, criminals or dangerous individuals will be discouraged from entering. In offices with multiple entries and exit points, monitoring visitors with a centralized visitor management system is superior to having CCTVs or security guards.

Creates and Maintains Watchlists

Visitors are not always welcome on the premises of offices/workplaces. Some visitors may be denied access to secure workplace premises due to different reasons that might lead to a security breach in the workplace. Visitor management systems allow for this through the creation of watchlists. With a quick background check of the visitor's details in the database, the system can easily distinguish between wanted and unwanted visitors. Moreover, employees and hosts can also categorize visitors into wanted and unwanted visitors via the system.

Alerts and Notifications in Real-Time

With traditional visitor management techniques of entering visitor information into logbooks, employees couldn't receive instant notifications about visitors. Anyone can walk into a workplace and claim that a particular employee will host them, even when the employee has no such plans. Employees can receive instant notifications and visitor alerts on their smartphones by using visitor management software. Whenever a visitor's name appears on the watchlist, he or she is denied access to the building.

Ensures Visitors' Compliance

Whenever a workplace requires visitors to sign certain legal documents, such as Non-disclosure agreements, on-site rules, waivers, etc., visitor management software can ensure their compliance. Using any of the centralized visitor management systems, these documents can be stored and presented to visitors. These systems store digital signatures in the cloud after obtaining them. If a visitor fails to comply with the legal requirements, the software notifies the officials immediately.

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