How Drone Adds Value to Real Estate

Drones are enabling the real estate players to enhance customer experience by offering a better view of a property to the potential customers. 

FREMONT, CA: Drones are increasingly being deployed across the industries for business as well as operational purposes. Real estate sector involves a variety of properties including apartments, residential homes, resorts, commercial properties and more. Real estate players have realized that such a wide array of properties can benefit significantly from drone technology. For instance, drone camera technology can be used to capture property images, videos, overhead images, as well as 360-degree panoramas. The captured images can be used for marketing as well as operational purposes. 

Real estate investment firms, commercial real estate agents or companies eyeing to sell a portion of large land acquisition are increasingly vesting their interests in drone technology. Especially the larger plot of land or property can gain immensely from drone due to its ability to capture the entirety of the property. Even the common real estate purposes, drones can be used to show overhead site maps of the buildings. Other complex imaging use cases can also be achieved easily through drones. For instance, the entire site of a large property cannot be covered by one camera shot. However, drones can combine multiple snapshots of the property to deliver one very large continuous image. 

Drones can also be used for creating HD video clips and communicating a better idea about the property to the potential buyer. A well-captured aerial video can also serve as a virtual tour for potential customers. A virtual tour will enable the customers to have a realistic impression of a property as the drone flies across the rooms and even the backyards. Moreover, video can be an excellent form of promotion and can serve as an interactive form of presentation. Further, drone videos can be used to showcase the entire community surrounding the property. For instance, a client can view parks, water bodies, community spaces and other amenities and have a better overview of the property and its surroundings. 

Thus, proptech managers are moving towards drone technology to boost their business. Early adopters of the technology will have a clear advantage as the drones are still new in the real estate business.

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