How Drones Fuel Real Estate

Drones are generating new business prospects for realtors, helping potential buyers get a proper aerial view of the property.

FREMONT, CA: Impressive developments in drone technology over the past years have led to several opportunities unlocking for the efficacy of drones in real estate modernization. The global proptech scene is witnessing a wealth of change as startups are beginning to capitalize and innovate through the use of drone technology. Proptech is expanding and modernizing the entire buying and selling process. As no industry is immune to technological advances, the real estate industry is jumping into tech innovations. Drone is one such advanced technology that is remarkably transitioning the real estate industry.

The real estate industry is growing at an exponential rate. Buyers are keen to inspect the area at the earliest according to their convenience, making the work of the urban planner even more challenging and complex. This is where drones will be used to gather vast amounts of data in a short time to give real-time results at an affordable price point. Aerial surveys and base maps are few of the first steps carried out on any possible development site. High-resolution cameras connected to drones are now being used to map out the area that was earlier complicated and unlikely for inspections. Drones have made this process easy and swift while being cheaper, faster, and safer than ever.      

With the rise of VR beyond residential real estate, 3D cameras connected to drones will necessarily be used to produce high resolution, realistic visualizations of potential advancements. Drones will grow to become an important part of the architect and planner's toolkit. The visualization of data will become more accurate and accessible than ever before that will eventually reshape the way cities are built. Drones are just beginning to steer the culture towards change and improvement. 

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