How Edge Computing Addresses Data Challenges in Real Estate

Edge computing provides realtors with enhanced computational capability, simplifying data processing to a great extent.

FREMONT, CA: Edge computing is enhancing the data processing capabilities of various industries. Real estate is one of the many industries that can potentially gain from the capabilities of edge computing. The technology promises a range of capabilities to the real estate as well as property managers. Edge computing capability can significantly reduce the bandwidth requirement needed to operate smart building deployments. The technology is especially useful for supporting in-building and campus networks as individuals on campus or building may need particular content or application. Further, in-building wireless systems are increasingly being financed by third-parties and then leased back to network managers. Thus, the property campus will likely have a safe data center space, which is adequate for the edge computing deployment.

When it comes to real estate, edge computing gathers data generated by IoT or smart devices and then processes it near to the property instead of sending it elsewhere. Such a setup results in closer and more localized data enabling users to store information and process applications locally. The technology channel for cloud computation can be almost anything, such as a mobile phone, a laptop, a mobile tower, or even a car. The collected data is processed in a micro data center, close to the property.    

Edge data centers have started to evolve close to high-device density places such as stadiums and airports as the data generation, and transmission requirements are high in such places. Smaller micro data centers have also started to emerge within office buildings to address increased data transmission demand due to applications and devices. The proliferation of edge computing will encompass various domains of real estates, such as property management and maintenance

The effectiveness of edge computing in real estate will depend on its deployment and the purpose for which the technology is being used. 

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